Sven-Holger Wabnitz

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Country: Germany
Email: wabnitz [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [svenholgerwabnitz Sven-Holger Wabnitz]

Sven-Holger Wabnitz is the Managing Director at DomiNIC GmbH.

Career History

Sven-Holger Wabnitz is the cofounder of DSS GmbH, Germany. He is in the domain business since 1994 and specialised in domain & DNS management

He is also the Chairman of the Working Group on Internet automation for Software Initiative - The Software Initiative Germany (AFP) won the German Internet expert Sven- Holger Wabnitz as chairman of the new working group "web automation" appointed. The new body will be especially with the Internet-based automation of business processes involved before. The new working group leader of the Software Association remains the Managing Director of the software manufacturer DomiNIC. The Bonn-based Internet entrepreneur Sven-Holger Wabnitz for the first time in 1995 for the software domainmanagement in the DNS (DNS) is used commercially to be related. Back in 1994, the Internet Initiative Internet pioneer to the supervisory board of German eG called Tele market. 1997 Wabnitz ideas for a much-publicized speech on security issues, the first G7 Conference on Electronic Commerce met with broad resonance. Today he is among other things, the establishment of the domain security standards DNSSEC ( DNS SecurityExtensions) involved. In addition, Wabnitz, with its software company DomiNICcurrently lead a joint research project, European Union and the Federal Ministry of Research of the deal, the product world with the Internet link to the real. The focus is on linking the standardized Electronic Product Code in RFID chips with the DNA database. This article is by using DNS entries in any time to find. The vision: Every product - from food to clothing to appliances - is given a correlation in the global data network. "The DNS availability is the backbone of the World Wide Web in terms of its functionality, scalability, stability and proven already made. Now it's about this Web spine for areas outside of the transfer, "said Wabnitz.The combination of product codes in RFID chips with the DNA database is considered by experts as "the next big thing". The aim is to benefit from the ubiquity of the Internet to reach a larger one.