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Industry: Internet
Founded: 1987
Headquarters: SWITCH, PO Box, CH-8021

Zurich, Switzerland

Country: Switzerland
Businesses: switchplus,eduhub.ch
Website: SWITCH

SWITCH (The Swiss Education & Research Network) represents the interests of Switzerland as a research centre in numerous bodies, and therefore makes important contributions to the development and operation of the Internet in Switzerland.[1] SWITCH provides internet services for the Swiss universities and Internet users which include registration, web hosting and Internet security services.[2] It supports DNSSEC.[3]


SWITCH offers a great variety of services for students and teachers to promote Internet activities, especially with regards to the youth. It has created a community portal for information exchange, and to promote e-learning SWITCH has strated a project of eduhub.ch.[4] It has organized a Junior Web Award to enhance the ability of using the web in children.[5] Moreover, a conference, named Domain Pulse, is organized by the network information centre of Austria, Germany; and SWITCH has participated since 2004, discussing subjects related to Internet security and development. The conference is equally open to Internet Service Providers, registrars, and other interested parties.[6]

With the help of SWITCH sms one can send papers or faxes to anyone having a SWITCH based e-mail address.[7] SWITCH cast is an audio recording system through which lectures can be recorded and made available to students via the Internet.[8]


SWITCH's partners can register domain names directly. SWITCH started this policy in 2003. Its partners include:

  • 1 & 1 Internet AG
  • 123domain.eu
  • 1API GmbH
  • Adomino Marketing GmbH
  • Ascio Technologies Inc.
  • BAR Informatik AG

A complete list can be found here. [9]