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* Also see [[Registries Constituency]]
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* [[Registries Constituency]]
[[Category: Glossary]]
[[Category: Glossary]]

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Acronym: Top Level Domain

The last part of a domain name, such as .com, .net, .us, etc.

Each TLD is managed by a single Registry.

There are different types of TLDs.

These TLDs operated in different manners, and can be categorized in some simple ways:

  • Operating Mode
    • Open - Operating and offering both registration and resolution services.
    • Closed - Not Accepting registrations, may be resolving evergreen/legacy/infrastructure subdomains.
  • Level of Restriction
    • Unrestricted - If there are no requirements that must be met in order to register a name under a TLD, that TLD is Unrestricted.
    • Restricted - Requiring Local Physical Address, Local Tax ID, or other specific criteria be met to qualify in order to provision a name.
    • Sponsored - A variation on Restricted, the applicant for a domain in an STLD must meet the requirements within that TLD (ie. .jobs would require that Human Resources be involved, .travel would require certain Travel criteria are met, etc).

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