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Göran Marby Portrait.jpg

ICANNWiki would like to welcome Göran Marby to ICANN!
On 8 February 2016, ICANN announced that it has selected Göran Marby to succeed Fadi Chehadé, who is stepping down on March 15, 2016. We believe that Göran brings a great skill set to ICANN that will be instrumental in taking the IANA Transition across the finish line and further empowering the global multistakeholder model. Marby will step into the CEO position in May 2016. Akram Atallah will take the position of interim CEO between Chehadé's departure and Marby's onboarding.

Göran Marby is currently the Director General at the Swedish Post & Telecom Agency in Stockholm, Sweden and brings over 20 years years of experience as a senior executive in the IT sector, including founding the security software firm, Appgate.