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|{{!}}colspan="2" style="text-align:center; background-color:#ADDFFF;"{{!}} Key People  
|{{!}}colspan="2" style="text-align:center; background-color:#ADDFFF;"{{!}} Key People  
{{!}}colspan="2 width="200px" {{!}} {{{keypeople}}}}}
{{!}}colspan="2 {{!}} {{{keypeople}}}}}

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Copy/Paste this to an article and then change the example text to match the company. If you don't have info for a row, just remove everything to the right of the "=".

| logo            = ExampleLogo.png
| type            = Privately Held, Public, etc.
| industry        = industry here
| founded         = place here (year here)
| founder         = name of founder here (if there is one)
| founders        = name of founders here (if there is more than one)
| headquarters    = address
| country         = country
| products        = list
| employees       = number (year)
| sales           = $X (year)
| website         = http://Example.com
| keypeople       = names with titles


Type: Privately Held, Public, etc.
Industry: industry here
Founded: place here (year here)
Founder: name of founder here
Founders: name of founders here (idea is to use only one of these)
Headquarters: address
Country: country
Products: list
Employees: number (year)
Sales: $X (year)
Website: http://Example.com
Key People
name 1, title 1
name 2, title 2