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| logo            = Thexyz-logo.png
| logo            = Thexyz-logo.png
| type            = Privately Held
| type            = Privately Held
| industry        = Registrar
| industry        = Email service
| founded        = Toronto, 2007
| founded        = Toronto, 2007
| founder(s)      = [[Perry Toone]]
| founder(s)      = [[Perry Toone]]

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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Email service
Founded: Toronto, 2007
Headquarters: 1 Yonge St, 1801 Toronto ON M5W 1W7
Country: Canada
Products: Email, Domain Names, SSL
Website: Thexyz.com
Facebook: Thexyz
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@thexyz

Thexyz is a custom domain email hosting provider, located in Toronto, Ontario. It was founded in 2007 for domain name management and email to keep both services together in one place. Thexyz has a keen focus on user privacy and offers many privacy and security features to secure domains and email accounts.


Email Hosting: Thexyz email, is an easy-to-use email with built-in calendars and contacts. It works quickly, blocks spam is ad-free, and has all the modern email features.

Domain Names: Thexyz offers a complete domain management portal with fully redundant DNS hosting included with all domains registered. Thexyz offers over 300 TLDs ranging from ccTLDs, gTLDs to IDNs(internationalized domain names).

Weebly Builder: In 2019 Thexyz launched its own hosted Weebly website builder. The website builder offers exclusive features and also gives you the option of the host.

SSL Certificates: Thexyz offers Alpha SSL certificates to secure websites. The SSL certificate is a 2048 bit chained root certificate with a 256 bit Encryption Level.

Customer Service

Though their site is automated they still encourage their customers to personally reach out with them with any questions or concerns; and they individually respond to every email. Their customer service is available via phone, email and live chat 7 days a week.