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|country    = France

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Tom Mackenzie.JPG
Tom Mackenzie caric.jpg
Country: France

LinkIcon.png   [gTLDteam.com gTLDteam.com]

LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Profile Thomas Mackenzie]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @Mackenziet

Consultant at ITEMS International, Paris, where he specializes in ICANN and Internet governance.[1] He was a member of the teams that conducted the organizational reviews of ICANN's ccNSO,[2] (2010), and the ASO, (2011).

He worked on the application for the .corsica gTLD and is one of the founding members of the gTLD Team, an international consortium of consultants that was formed to advise prospective new gTLD applicants.

Currently works as Stakeholder Relations at the OP3FT, the applicant for the .frogans gTLD which will serve for the addressing of the name servers on which the Frogans technology will be based.

Member of the .org Advisory Council [1] since September 2012.

Speaks fluent English, French and Spanish.