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|portrait  = ThomasMoerzPortrait2.jpg
|caricature = ThomasMoerzCaricature.jpg
|country    = Germany
|email      = info [at] ra-moerz.de
|website    = [http://www.thomas-moerz.ie/ thomas-moerz.ie]
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'''Thomas Moerz''' is the CEO of [[InterNetX]],<ref>[http://www.internetx.com/en/internetx/management.html InterNetX Management]</ref> as well as President and Chairman of the PSI-USA, Inc,<ref>[http://www.psi-usa.info/index.php?nat=en&link=company/index psi-usa.info]</ref> an [[InterNetX]] subsidiary. Mr. Moerz is also a member of the executive committee and has been appointed as a Director to the Board of [[Afilias]], the [[.info]] [[registry]].
== Career History ==
Following his graduation, he worked as a trainee solicitor at the District Court Bamberg from 1997 to 1999.<ref>[http://www.thomas-moerz.ie/ thomas-moerz.ie]</ref>
== Education ==
Thomas studied law at the Julius Maximilian University of Wuerzburg and at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen in Nuremberg. In 1997 he passed his first law exam.
== References ==

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