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Affiliation: united-domains AG
Country: Germany
Email: sattler [at]
Website:   []

Facebook: link=sattler   [sattler Tobias Sattler]
LinkedIn: link=tobiassattler   [tobiassattler Tobias Sattler]
Google+: tobias-sattler
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @tobiassattler
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Tobias Sattler is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of united-domains AG. He represents united-domains at quite a number of conferences[1] and is responsible for the company's IT and ICANN related matters.

Career History

Tobias Sattler has held some positions at united-domains AG and its subsidiaries since 2008, including:

  • Head of Domain Services
  • Assistant to the Board
  • Head of Domain Reselling

Before that, Tobias worked as a regular soldier in the German Armed Forces and supported the SAP adoption. Prior to this, he worked as a Software Engineer for Siemens.[2]

Industry Participation

Tobias Sattler is involved with some ICANN Working Groups such as Registry/Registrar Onboarding (AROS), Privacy and Proxy Accreditation, Whois Validation,[3] etc.

He is a voting member of the Registrar Stakeholder Group[4] and actively involved as a speaker and panelist at conferences.

Tobias is also a volunteer with the Mozilla foundation to support the Public Suffix List[5] and the Universal Acceptance.

He also manages an Internet and Domain Name Industry Event Calendar that became well-recognized.[6]



Tobias Sattler has studied Computer Science at Wilhelm Büchner University[2].