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Affiliation: ITEMS International
Country: France


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Thomas Mackenzie
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @mackenziet

Thomas Mackenzie is a Senior Consultant at ITEMS International, Paris, and specialises in Internet governance.[1] A regular ICANN participant, he has conducted the organizational reviews of the ccNSO,[2] (2010), the ASO, (2011), the At-Large Organisation (2016-17), and the second review of the ASO (2017).

In other ICANN-related work, he worked on the application for the .corsica gTLD and is one of the founding members of the gTLD Team, an international consortium of consultants that was formed to advise prospective new gTLD applicants.

A member of the .org Advisory Council [1] since September 2012.

Mackenzie speaks fluent English, French, and Spanish.