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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Domain Registry
Ownership: Tralliance Registry Management Company, 2008
Headquarters: 1500 Cordova Road, Suite 302
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
Country: USA
Key People
Edward Cespedes, President & CEO
Patricia Vigilante, Director of Administration
Byron Henderson, Advisor of Registry Policy
Shameka Griffin, Manager of Customer Care
Michael Egan, Board Member[1]

Tralliance (a portmanteau of "travel alliance") is the registry for the .travel sTLD. .travel is meant exclusively for usage by organizations in the travel and tourism industries.[2]


On May 5, 2005, ICANN signed a contract with Tralliance to operate .travel. The operating procedures and policies for .travel are different from those of all other current TLDs.[3]

Until February 2008, Tralliance was a publicly traded subsidiary of On Feb. 1, TheGlobe announced that it had sold Tralliance to the privately-held Tralliance Registry Management Company (TRMC),[4] in order to keep the TLD from bankruptcy.[5] Despite the sale, ultimate ownership of the TLD did not change, as Michael Egan, owner and chairman of, and Edward Cespedes, president of Tralliance, together own TRMC.[6] is to receive an earn-out equal to 10% of TRMC's net revenue derived from .travel names registered through May 5, 2015.[7]