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In terms of intellectual property rights protection, the company said that it created rights protection mechanisms for new gTLDs and it will implement an open Internet philosophy. According to Stahura, "The Internet is an engine of information, ideas and commerce, and one that’s not restrictive unnecessarily. Donuts intends to preserve that openness for all users, not operate a ‘by invitation only’ section of the Internet."[1] This statement can be seen to reference the plans of other large portfolio applicants such as Google and Amazon, that are not only applying for brand TLDs for exclusive corporate use, but are also applying for generic terms with no plans to offer public registration.


Donuts signed a strategic partnership with Demand Media in pursuit of certain gTLDs. According to a press statement, under the agreement, Demand Media has the right to acquire some of the approved gTLDs applied for by Donuts.[2] Furthermore, Demand Media's wholly owned subsidiary, Demand Media Europe Limited, will serve as the back-end registry service provider for Donuts.[3]