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The company is led by Monte Cahn and Mike Berkens, two very well-known domainers and industry veterans. They note that they have 17 years of domain auction knowledge and experience and have conducted tens of thousands of auctions. They emphasize their industry knowledge and personal connections are a unique asset that they bring to bear, and believe it will empower them to bring more applicants to the table compared to non-industry service providers.[1] Right Of The Dot has received an Auction Business License for Contention Resolution Services by the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation for the exact purpose of: New TLD Contention Resolution and Consulting Services including Private Auction Services for competing applicants, Internet Domain Name Auctions, Sales, Brokerage, and Management Services.[2] Right of the Dot is not only offering auction services, but an entire full-service gTLD consultancy, from positioning the domain pre-launch to guiding it through managed and unique launch programs, identifying premium names for auction, later traffic and domain monetization, and beyond. They have secured a number of high-profile partners, such as Architelos, to assist them in their work.[3] To date, Right of the Dot has not held any private auction events.

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