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The announcement from Uniregistry was decried by prominent supporters of private auctions, such as Michael Berkens of the auction services provider Right of the Dot, while other community members, such as Antony Van Couvering of Minds + Machines, corroborated Uniregistry's statements (until later reversing course and supporting private auctions).[1] It has been noted that Uniregistry has never supported private auctions, and it has arguably come to the conclusion that it stands a better chance of winning contention sets against other large portfolio applicants, such as Donuts and Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd., if those applicants are not allowed to receive funds through lost auctions. On June 3rd, 2013 Van Couvering wrote an article in CircleID in which he changed positions to support private auctions. He argues that private auctions will provide more money for companies to create "healthy, vigorous registries."[2]

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