Tunisia Telecommunications Agency ATI

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Country: Tunisia
Website: registre.tn

Tunisia Internet Agency ATI is the company that manages and administers the .tn ccTLD for Tunisia.[1] It was founded in 1996 with the principle goal of promoting and developing internet usage in Tunisia.[2] It offers services under the direct registration model, whereby the registry offers services directly to the registrant without immediate registrars.[3]

The .tn ccTLD was re-delegated once, in 1996, to ATI. The first decade of ATI's operation was under the overview of the Ben Ali regime, which interfered in the execution of the organization's principle functions as internet information hub, IP manager, and national domain name manager. The ccTLD went through a heavy restructuring phase in 2011, following the Arab Spring, with the goal of countering the adverse conditions imposed under the Ben Ali regime. Although the post-2011 restructuring was not a re-delegation, it operated similarly to one, as it shifted registry behavior according to political changes. ATI took the opportunity to realign its internal policies and external relations, by pursuing liberalization of the ccTLD and undertaking expansion projects.[3]


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