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Type: Non-Profit
Industry: Internet governance
Founded: 1 July 2003
Ownership: Uninett AS
Headquarters: Abels gate 5 – Teknobyen
NO-7465 Trondheim
Country: Norway
Employees: 14
Email: info [at] norid.no
Website: norid.no
Key People
Hilde Thunem, General Manager
Annebeth Lange

UNINETT Norid AS ("Norid") runs the .no registry and maintains the database for all domain names under .no. They are responsible for developing the domain name policy for .no according to the needs of the society and within the framework of the Domain Regulation. Norid's vision and organization are anchored in a strong social responsibility.[1]

Norid is a member of CENTR.[2]


Norway was the first country, following the United States, to join ARPAnet in 1973. In 1983, the .no TLD was delegated for research by Jon Postel. Responsibility for the ccTLD was assigned to the neutral agency UNNINET in 1987, after the project's creation the year before. By 1989, there were 19 registered domains, stored in the oldest zone file. In 1993, UNNINET AS is established as its own corporation. By the end of 1995, 1000 domains were registered under .no. The .no project started being referred to as Norid in 1996, which stands for Norwegian service for registration of Internet domain names. In 1998, the advisory body Norpol was formed, and in 1999, Norid operations were transferred from UNINETT to the newly-formed subsidiary, UNINETT FAS AS. Later in 1999, the registrar system was introduced. As of March 2001, 100000 domain names were registered, after a spike caused by the liberalization of domain name rules. In 2003, UNINETT Norid AS was established as a subsidiary under UNINETT. In 2004, domain name rules were liberalized yet again, and by March of that year, 200000 domains were registered. By early 2011, half a million domain names had been registered under .no.[3]