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UltraDNS is a subsidiary of NeuStar. UltraDNS offers managed DNS and traffic management services. UltraDNS claims their managed DNS solutions are "capable of processing thousands of queries per second". [1] Services offered by UltraDNS are mainly targeted towards companies and businesses rather than individuals, UltraDNS saying that they provide " solutions to organizations that rely on DNS for their critical business processes, applications and services, delivering superior security, reliability and performance." [2]


The domain ultradns.com was registered on June 29, 1998 [3] but the company was founded in 1999, in Brisbane, California in the United States of America. [4]

An article featured in the edition of Business Wire that appeared on July 31, 2000 mentioned UltraDNS as being the "First Company to Offer Outsourced Infrastructure Solutions for Large, Directory-Initiated Applications". [5]

UltraDNS provides DNS services to important names in the on-line industry like Oracle.com, LinkedIn.com, Myspace.com, Amazon.com, Gap.com, Diamond.com and others.

The company was not avoided by problems in its history, as on 31 May 2009 NetworkWorld reported that a number of important websites which used the services of UltraDNS, including Petco.com, Advertising.com, SalesForce.com and Amazon.com, experienced downtime of up to a couple of hours, due to a Distributed Denial of Service (D-Dos) attack. [6] A similar report appeared on the ZDNet blog. [7] This was quite a hit to the company as they claim that their services also "protect your customers’ Web operations from DNS-based DDoS attacks and pharming attacks from DNS cache poisoning. Our redundant infrastructure means no single point of failure."[8]