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Harish Chowdhary (हरीश चौधरी) is a young, motivated and dynamic Technology Analyst and Internet Govenance Consultant to Govt. of India (MeitY). Our team advises Government of India (Ministry of Electronics & IT) on global Internet Governance issues that involves organizations like ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers), ISOC (Internet Society), Internet Governance Forum (IGF), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) etc. I regularly participate in international meetings of ICANN, ISOC, IETF, IGF etc. and our team conducts multi-stakeholder roundtable consultations involving Government, Academia, Industry, Civil Society etc. to formulate a consensus opinion on issues related to Internet Governance. In essence, our team plays a pivotal role in formulating and shaping India’s Internet policy. My core work is on Universal Acceptance,e-mail Address Internationalization,IETF capacity building.

I am also passionate for Security and Penetration Testing to safeguard data from hackers,member of since 2008 and is working as a freelance Technical writer.