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# [[NiRA]] - A
# [[NiRA]] - A
# [[MYNIC]]- A
# [[MYNIC]]- A
# [[NameMedia]]- Add information on the Domain Listing service from [http://www.domainersmagazine.com/Industry-Press-Releases/Tech-Innovator-Haseltine-Joins-Namemedia-as-Chief-Technology-Officer.html this], [http://www.crunchbase.com/company/namemedia this]. Any ICANN info available? '''Done'''
# [[NameMedia]]- Add information on the Domain Listing service from [http://www.domainersmagazine.com/Industry-Press-Releases/Tech-Innovator-Haseltine-Joins-Namemedia-as-Chief-Technology-Officer.html this], [http://www.crunchbase.com/company/namemedia this]. Any ICANN info available? '''Could not find anything related to ICANN. Done with DLS'''
# [[ECO]]-A
# [[ECO]]-A
# [[XDI.org]]-A
# [[XDI.org]]-A

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My name is Tehreem Fatima and I am a writer here at ICANNWiki.com. I am doing my graduation in computer science from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. My contributions to the site are:

Batch 1

Ken Hansen-AM Jonathan Shea-AM Aloyce Menda-AM Mao Wei- AM Mukesh Kumar- AM Malcolm Andrew-AM Ron Sherwood - AM Maggie Leong -AM Jenny White- AM Olivier Guillard - AM Olga Cavalli -AM Ole Kebbel-AM Opetaia Simati-AM Oleguer Serra-AM Oripide Cilento Filho-AM Oscar Robles-Garay - AM Hector Ariel Manoff -AM Vicente Landim-AM Helena Garcia-AM Tempy Wright-AM Russell John-AM Heike Jensen-AM Maggie Mansourkia-AM Rachida - AM Mia Ceran -AM Ricardo Dias- AM Ricardo Abril- AM Ricardo Presta- AM Nora Cotter-AM Joseph Leung-AM Steven Lang- AM Michelle Cotton- AM Muhammad Aslam-AM Matt Embrescia-AM Normand Fortier-AM Maurice Tola-AM Mactar Seck-AM Michelle Sng-AM Monica Abalo-AM Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura- AM Minjung Park-AM Steven Baldridge-AM Ana Ferreira Matos- AM, stub Emily Lin-AM, stub Mustafa Yakub-AM stub Marina Coll-AM, stub Natali Perez-AM, stub Bonneth Rios -AM, stub Alwin Heber-AM, stub

Batch 2

Kurt Silberschneider -AM Tien-Lai Teng-AM Pete Becker-AM Amanda Vallejo-AM Peter Chow -AM Robert Hutchinson- AM Angus Hanton- AM Nina Valenzuela-AM Nick Griffin-AM Naresh Ajwani-AM Nigel Cassimire- AM Thomas Gajewski-AM Cid Torquato-AM Norm Ritchie- AM Siavash Shahshahani-AM Nonito Eddie Napigkit-AM, stub Lawrence Conroy-AM Lillian Corcino-AM Niclas Tillmar-AM Nicholas Lisse-AM Gesu Sood-AM Mohammed Slaoui-AM Chen-Yu Li-AM Kang Cheng -AM SiteFirms-AM, stub Streamic-AM, stub TelReg-AM, stub Solis -AM Sotelma- AM Walnut Ventures- AM' Name Administration-AM Names Beyond-AM Domains Only- AM QuantumPages- AM OwnRegistrar-AM Register.eu-AM Portent Interactive-AM Ports.net- AM Switch-AM Sierra Ventures-AM Netlynx-AM Nominalia-AM Outblaze-AM JotSpot - AM Rackspace Managed Hosting-AM

Batch 3


  1. MINC - Please add info about MINC ICMC, and also the information from the links in that source. Include this, this, this, this Done
  3. SIDN- A
  4. ARTP-A
  5. Net-Chinese-A
  6. SGNIC-A
  7. Media.Net-A
  8. NIC Mexico-A
  9. Domain Invest-A
  10. Sify- A, Nice article
  11. TERENA-A
  12. NiRA - A
  13. MYNIC- A
  14. NameMedia- Add information on the Domain Listing service from this, this. Any ICANN info available? Could not find anything related to ICANN. Done with DLS
  15. ECO-A
  16. XDI.org-A
  17. NTRA- A
  18. STRAAT Investments-A
  19. IIS-A
  20. Teletok- A
  21. NSRC-A
  22. ENISA- Detail their work with ICANN and other similar organizations. This, this, this
  23. AfrISPA-A
  24. NIC Chile-A
  25. APWG-A
  26. IPv6 Forum-A
  27. UniForum SA-A
  28. PuntoGal-A
  29. FLUI-A
  30. ANA-A
  31. ITEMS International -A


  1. Ron Jackson-CP
  2. Marc Van Wesemael-CP
  3. Bruce Tonkin-CP
  4. Gerard de Graaf-A


  1. .hiv-A
  2. TCR-A
  3. WAN-A
  4. Domainer Mardi Gras - A
  5. CERT-A
  6. EAIGF-A
  7. IXP-A
  8. IRTP - please add info re: the 2008 changes, that is the issues that are outlined in your source #4. Please add details on the 9 suggested changes from your source #7. These may need to be separate sub-sections of the "Development" section.
  9. Ombudsman
  10. NZNOG - C
  11. ASIWG - C
  12. CA - C
  13. NAPLA - C
  14. INET - C
  15. UNCTAD - Please add sections from the following pages: history, relationships with other organizations, main activities