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==Batch 8==
==Batch 8==
I will provide you my feedback during the course of the job. As of now, I'm okay with it. Thanks! [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
I will provide you my feedback during the course of the job. As of now, I'm okay with it. Thanks! [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
== Batch 4 update 2 ==
Hi Andrew,
I finished making the changes in the articles. Please have a look and let me know if they are ok now and if I have to make any further changes.
Thanks, Dana

Revision as of 12:09, 11 March 2012


Yes, there are a few articles, without references. I was unable to find references for them at that time. I will complete the articles with references today most probably. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Muhammad Ali Khalid


Andrew, can you check categories when you check people articles? Thanks Ray

Company Logos

Do you need help with those? Ray

I haven't tried to do them yet as I've been working on my parent's computer and don't want save images to their computer..as I imagine I'll have to do... I'll add them tomorrow when I switch to my own laptop.Andrew

ok great, I sent you an e-mail too Ray

Redirecting Articles

Yeah, I redirect them at the end of the project when I have completed the set of 50 articles, somehow it makes the work easier for me :). You do not need to redirect the articles, I will do that myself.

For the getting more content. Sure I will try to dig deeper to get more about the people. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Articles needed

Can you update this page with Pulasthi's work and as well consolidate other completed batches, thanks Ray

Great, and keep the done articles neatly on the user pages of the folks who did them? Ray


Thanks for the feedback. I try to keep the names consistent...specially the company names and initials..but I am not really very good with the technical stuff cctld tld etc are okay but sometimes there are more and I dont really know what to do with them except simply interlinking them by putting a [[]]. The only content I have copied are either from the old icannwiki or icannn site. And creative common contents...like the same bios that have been used in 4-5 websites( official website, yahoo finance, crunch base, linkedin) I thought these are okay. Let me know if its not. I will still go through the articles and see if there are more. As for regular work, I will sure love to work more. But I have a little complicated situation right now. I am involved in a national project right now and today I have been told that they are going to offer me a full-time job. So lets finish the last batch right now and we can take it from there. Regards

Glad to be here

Hi, Andrew. First of all, nice to meet you:) Secondly, thanks for your help and assistance. Third of all, thanks for feedback. I will get some sleep now but in the morning I will introduce the references (will check your articles), and will also do 2 more articles. It will take some time until i get used to all the features, but I will manage it. Keep in touch! User:Dana Silvia Hi, Andrew! Thanks for adding the part with ICANN and DNSSEC, looks great. I saw you added the references, should I add some more? Soon I will start writing 2 more articles.

Article References

Hi, Andrew. I added the references for both articles, finally I managed to understand how it should be done:D Soon I will upload some more articles.Please do check the references of my 2 articles when you have some spare time and let me know if there are any problems. Thanks, Dana.


Hi, Andrew. Thanks for your feedback, I checked all articles until now and added the category:Glossary. Will upload 2 more articles soon. Regards, Dana.

Table of contents

Andrew, I saw that in an article it was inserted _NOTOC_ and this makes the table of content to disappear. Should I do this in some other cases or not..? Thanks, Dana.

Ok, then it's good I asked. I will check all articles and make the necessary changes. In the case of articles with the length of TLD article I will not introduce the Table of Contents. Thanks for a quick answer. Dana

Domaining Glossary and definitions

Thanks for your feedback. I removed all Domaining Glossary sources because I noticed that this section will be deleted and the link will no longer work, but somehow it was left for domain kiting. I changed it. Regarding the links for definitions at Direct Navigation, I copied the wrong link there for that definition, changed it:) Thanks for feedback, and please do not hesitate to tell anything else regarding mistakes or discrepancies. Thanks, Dana

What is RGP?

Hi Andrew, I am now trying to finish the articles but I do not what RGP refers to.... please help me if you can :) How are the articles? I wrote to Ray yesterday and asked him to take a look over the articles and tell me if there are any problems but received no answer. What is your opinion regarding my work? Regards, Dana

Ok, thanks, got it! Can please also help with the acronym "SO" what does it stand for? Yeah, in the short overview there are cases when i give another definition of the concept to make sure it is properly understood. There are still 3 articles which I will not be able to finish until the deadline on vworker.com... do you think this will be a problem?I will finish the project in around 4 hours, but the deadline is arriving in around 40 minutes or so... could you please talk to Ray? I hope everything will be ok.

Editing Process

Hi Andrew. I am ready to make the changes you say, while you are reviewing the work. I have to mention the fact that I am leaving for Barcelona from 24th until the 28th and I will be unavailable. I will try and improve the articles but regarding what you said "either they need reference attention or just felt like certain sections could be stronger" - I tried to present in each article what I found as more useful and interesting since you and Ray did not mention what subjects I should focus on each article or so.... I will wait for your comment and do my best. Will wait for your reply. Regards, Dana

Yes, you are right, and I appreciate your feedback. Then, when you have some time to sum up some conclusions/changes/improvements regarding to some of my work you have already reviewed, let me know and I will start making the changes. Then, you can check the content once again and tell me it's ok. I hope I will also have a great time in Barcelona. Until the 24th I will try and do my best to finish the project so that we will all be satisfied with the results. Thanks, Dana

Ok, I notice those, now I understand the comments. If I want to modify something based on your comments, I will make the changes, and check the "watch this page" button or "This is a minor edit" button? Or how should I let you known that I have made the changes - write in summary? thanks, Dana

Hi, Andrew. I started making changes to what you mentioned in the list. Tomorrow will finish the changes and let you know, so that you can check these modifications. Keep in touch, Dana

Hi Andrew, I finished making the changes. Please check the changes made:) Still, there are five changes which I didn't know how to deal with - listed below:

  1. Semantic technology- very unclear
  2. ARIN - Will need Business template imported from here and filled out as much as possible. - don't know how to do that.
  3. LACNIC - Will need Business template imported and filled out as much as possible
  4. RSEP - This article is very unclear.
  5. W3C- will need business template imported and filled out

Thanks Andrew, Ok, I will take a look at the articles when I get back. Yes, I would be interested in another project of 50 articles, I am now used to the system. Whether you want me to write about "People" or articles as before - what you prefer and need. Thanks. I can't wait:D I will also go the basketball match of Fc Regal Barcelona with another team in the ACB League since I am a big fan and player of basketball. I can't wait:D I will definitely drink Sangria, hope I'll like it! Thanks for everything. Will let you know when I get back. Regards, Dana

Alexander Phoenix

Hi Andrew, Thanks for all the kind words and support, it's really appreciated.

I've already added a list of 'articles being worked on'.

My Immediate Plans:

Now, a few thoughts.

First, I hope to move around 50 articles from .org to .com before the end of the week. This doesn't mean that I'll only be moving articles, obviously - I'll also be creating new ones, as you suggested. If you would like to suggest any particular articles that you'd like created, please go ahead and do so.

Obviously, I'm working on moving pages first, because that goes a little faster, and I want to get it out of the way.

Regarding References for ICANNWiki.org articles:

As for references, as the articles from .org are original work, they aren't as easy to find references for from the net (in searches) as it would be to find references for articles I write myself, for example (as I did when I wrote articles upon companies earlier).

I'll gladly put in references for the moved articles from the internet, but would like to do them at the end of moving all the (around 40) articles, if you don't mind. This should only take me two days or so.

So (extremely temporarily) the articles I add here will have no references at all.

But this will only be for about two days or so, when I will add references for them all simultaneously. I find this system more time efficient. In any case, the new articles will be unreferenced for just two days, which shouldn't really be a problem, as they can all be considered 'works-in-progress' until the references are in place.

Take care, and it's a pleasure to work with you, and on ICANNWiki.

- Alexander


So we finally got our first spam. You can see it in recent changes, I reverted it already. I'm sure this will happen more and more as the site becomes more popular so we'll have to be on the lookout for it and take action as needed Ray

Ugh, beginning to see more of it ...

Hi again!

Hey, got your note! Sorry for replying so late, been really busy :( The section looks great... And yes, I am hoping to continue working in site as well, decided to pass the job offer. And I am really really sorry that I couldn't get around to edit the articles like you suggested. I will start checking them from tomorrow and make changes if necessary. In the meantime, please keep me updated and let me know if you have any more suggestion. Regards

Caricatures and references

Hi there, putting in the caricatures and references now. Don't worry, it's very easy to keep track of things because the Icannwiki.org site is still up and provides reference. I decided to do the portraits at one time because I'm resizing them to fit more neatly and need to use graphics editing programs to do that, so of course it's more convenient to do all the graphics editing at once

completed my 2nd batch

hi there,

I completed my 2nd batch. I'm really sorry for being late, since it was a busy week last week. Hope it's ok. Take a look at it n give me a feed back. thank you --Pulasthi 23:12, 12 February 2011 (PST)


hi andrew thanks for the feedback. Will fix them before tomorrow. Yeah i'm ready for another batch. Thanks again. --Pulasthi 02:00, 15 February 2011 (PST)

Balram Mahendra profile - couldnt find sources

i fixed the other two pages. But for Balram Mahendra, i could not find any sources. May be he is using another name or something. --Pulasthi 04:12, 15 February 2011 (PST)

Company Template

Twitter Field Added (but not tested) Ray

Can we move the twitter field above key people? Caterina

completed my 3rd batch

hi andrew,

Completed my 3rd batch. Please check it out. But couldnt find usable references for few of the profiles.

Thanks --Pulasthi 05:50, 21 February 2011 (PST)

Daniel and Marie

Look like they might need a little help getting started :-)


so sorry, check your e-mail, I think we're going to need a disambiguation page ...

3rd batch


Thanks for the feedback. But it was not clear where the noted that you and catrina have put. Yeah you are right. most of the content that i took from the the .org site i did not change since we are going to delete that content afterwards. for most of the content, i did google search to see if there are copy issues.

thank you. --Pulasthi 00:46, 27 February 2011 (PST)

PS: I have sent a note in vworker to ray, regarding accepting work before 28th. Hope that can be done.


Nice job with her article! Ray


yeah of cos. will do the fixes. thanks --Pulasthi 14:26, 28 February 2011 (PST)

unfinished work

i andrew, I will be finishing the unfinished tasks before 6th march 2011. This week got un expectedly busier. So i will surely finish them before end of this week end. Thank you. --Pulasthi 07:42, 3 March 2011 (PST)

Under Construction

This is probably late, but an idea would be to make an "Under Construction" image, that way we can easily see what's under construction by seeing what links to that image Ray

Just wanted to let you know

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that, these three articles Brandon CS Sanders, Cassio Vecchiatti Chung-Hee Jin are incomplete. I started working on these articles in my first batch, but because of less resources (or I don't remember the reason) I stopped working on these articles and added some other articles to my work. You can delete these pages. Though, I have added the under construction image to them so that they stay in your sight.

People category Dana

Hi Andrew, I am trying to find people with relevant and useful information to create articles of around 500 words. However, I have seen that there are some articles created by other people of around 200-300 words... So, i only wanted to check that I am doing the right thing: I should focus on relevant people and write around 400-500 words, right? I see that there are more writers working on this section and I hope I will find plenty of relevant people and information about them. Plus, I cannot find facebook id and twitter for all people, is that a problem? Tell me your opinion if you can, please. Thanks for your support. Dana

Checking the work

Hi Andrew! I hope you are doing fine. I just wanted to let you know that in 1-2 days I will finish the content so that you cans start checking my work when you can. I hope I did a good work. Really did a lot of research regarding the available people, but I will wait for opinion:D Regards, Dana

Batch 3 finished

Hi Andrew! How are you doing? I only wanted to let you know that I have finished Batch 3 of articles and you can start checking. I also added the links on the old website. But I forgot to add the link with page under construction. Tell me if it is necessary and I will do it myself. I have some observations regarding this batch: -For "seth coman", I found a picture on the Internet but I am not sure that it is the right one -For "olle aberg" the picture does not work.. don't know why You will definitely see longer and shorter articles because the number of people left to write about decreased heavily and I was unable to find so much information about some people as compared to other people... But, I really did spend a lot of time for each person to look for details such as emails, facebook and work experience. I hope I did a good job. Will wait for your feedback. Regards, Dana

New section

This is a test Caterina

BJscout, Audience Call, SCA Society

Hi Andrew,

I need some guidance with these companies assigned to me by Ray.

BJscout -no information available on the web, it seems like it is for sale domain name.

Audience Call is it the company about hearing system technology (audience? I am not sure if that's the Audience Call company you want me to write about.

Another thing is SCA Society. What does SCA stands for? Is it the The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)?

Thanks, Marie


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your reply, I also made my inquiry with Ray and he instructed me to just replace those companies from the list of articles needed because he already looked into those companies and he said he can't also find info about them.



Sent the email again to andrew@icannwiki.com

Some additional info, not in the email. After receiving you email, I tried working on Internet Explorer, it gave the same error. I thought, it was occuring in my account only, so tried to create a new account, but on the screen of new account, where it asks for the captcha, I still could not see any captcha box, so the error is not with my account. Then I thought, it must be something in my computer, so I used my laptop (right now working on desktop), but I got the same error. Also, past midnight, here in my timezone, so I might not be able to reply you now as I am going to bed. I hope we can fix it till the morning (in my time zone). Muhammad Ali Khalid

Thank you. Have a good day or night (whatever it is in your time zone) :-)

Captcha Fixed..

It is fixed now. I just tried editing an article, and I got the captcha box. its working again. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Edits for the Current Batch

Yes, I will keep an eye on your notes on the articles needed page and will edit them. After editing, I will put a signature there, so that you can check the edited article.

  • For the education, I will keep it in mind. Should I change for all the articles that I have written and you have not checked yet (that would be all articles in batch 6).
  • I will keep the title thing in mind.
  • For the NOTOC, I will keep in mind to use it in my future work. should I put it in batch 6 (the one you have not checked) articles myself right now? Muhammad Ali Khalid
  • I have a question, you said that education should come last, what about publications, and presentations? Should they come before the education or after the education. It would be great if you can send me the ideal order of headings that you want on the site. Muhammad Ali Khalid

batch 3

Hi Andrew, Thank you for assigning us a new batch of articles. We will be happy to work on it and will start on it once we complete the previous ones. Thanks again!!!! saassoln


Thanks for the appreciation. I made the changes you marked on my user page. For my next batch (7th batch). I have not uploaded the pictures yet, I have put the picture links in the pages but will upload them at the end of the 50 articles. Muhammad Ali Khalid


haha, oops! this might start happening more often, i'm keeping normal person hours now. Caterina

Re: Thanks

Hi Andrew, Thank you very much for giving me pointers, I will make the necessary changes on the logos. Instructions are noted.

Batch 7

Hi Andrew, You can start checking my batch 7. There was one problem, I mistakenly named Esteban Andujar as Ernesto Garcia and the moved the information to the correct page, because of which both the pages have the same info. Please delete the page of Ernesto Garcia. Thanks.

some problems

For some people I am just unable to find more than a line. And when I save a page its category is always the name of the country. The page does not show up in the people listing here as well. I have resized some images but when I upload them they don't match each other. What should I do? Tehreem

Ok thanx. I resized the picture of Jonathan Shea to match in height at least and it does on my computer but not on thumbnail. How do I edit that?

Fixed the category and contents. Yeah I uploaded the resized version. Sometimes I get phone number and city of people. Do I have to mention them as well?

Ok thanx

Batch 7

Hi, I got your point about the explaining the acronym. Yes, you are right, I put the explanation there with it to make it easy for the reader, as sometimes people know the full name of an organization but are not aware of the Acronym. I will use the format that you have mentioned. I fixed issues with some of the articles, for the rest I will do them today or might be tomorrow. Thanks Muhammad Ali Khalid 10:07, 8 April 2011 (PDT)


Thank you very much for all the compliments, pointers and guidance you've shared with me. It's really a great help. I made all the necessary corrections as instructed. Again, thank you very much!!! Marie

--- Of course you can do it, when i saw the note "self-editing" i thought i'm suppose to arrange my page as well, just like the way you did it.

The CPA Global--- you commented is this original? It seems like the timeline is longer from the website. Yes it was originally written based from the company timeline. I re-phrased the introductory sentence to make it sound better. Tag-org---i removed the subsidiary companies in the list that are not internet related because it's huge. Bsoft--the photo i downloaded the best resolution i can find nz registry---photo is working now IBM-I added current history as per CP instruction CDT---you commented to double check on the Chairman it appears they have two---Jerry Berman was the founder but not Chairman of CDT but Chairman of IEF---I also added the info. The rest were about photo issues...to use the TAGI logo coz the photos available were too small

Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

Batch 8 and Previous Corrections

Hi Andrew. I fixed the problems with the previous articles, you can check them. You can also start checking my batch 8 of articles. Muhammad Ali Khalid 03:17, 9 April 2011 (PDT)

Help needed

I was just working on Markus Schnermann, and found this info. It is all regarding his personal life, should I put it in the article? I started writing it in the article but then felt it would make the article personal rather then professional. Let me know Muhammad Ali Khalid 09:18, 9 April 2011 (PDT)

Forwarding Links on ICANNWiki.org

Tehreem made a good point here about how missing forwarding links can cause new writers to do unnecessary work. We should probably modify the work description and maybe also have someone go through the balance on ICANNWiki.org again. We can do this when we meet today. Ray

Re: intro

Ok i will correct that. Should the name be bold throughout the article? Tehreem


Yeah, you are right we are hitting the bottom of the barrel. Therefore, I am doing all the articles, instead of handpicking the ones that have a lot of content. Sure, I will double check the articles for references. I have fixed the things you marked on my page. Thanks. Muhammad Ali Khalid


I wasn't done with the batch 9. You might have noticed the photo problems and that none of the articles had the underconstruction image. I would have completed the batch yesterday, but there was some unexpected internet connection problem. I revisit the articles while inserting the underconstruction photo to decrease the mistakes. Anyways, there is no excuse for the less research. Though, I will try harder next time. For this batch, I will fix the mistakes you have marked and go through rest of the articles again today. Thanks. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Its complete now. You can start checking whenever you get time and I have also fixed the errors you pointed out.

Forwarding Links from .ORG

Noted, Will follow. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Iron Mountain

Hey Andrew, I saw you updated the Iron Mountain page with some info from an interview from the conference. Any chance you remember who the person was and can stick it in the ref? Caterina


I have edited things according to style guidelines. However I am not getting which categories to add? Should any other category be added to people articles except people and country? Tehreem

Yeah I am checking your comments and I will include these references now. I was wondering whether I should use bullet points or describe things in paragraphs? I generally use bullets because I think that makes the article easy to read. However I would happily edit if anything is not according to the style followed here. Thanks for helping me improve.

I will try improving my focus on everything I get. I do not include things unless I find reference other than ICANNWiki.org(as its going to be removed). So, I have no other option but to skip that part if I don't find any other option.

I am done with adding info to the articles you specified. you can check them

Thu Hue Nguyen

I think her name is Nguyen Thu HueMuhammad Ali Khalid

Batch 9 and 10

Hi Andrew I have fixed the errors in batch 9. Also I have completed batch 10. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Latest Guidelines

Everything is clear and understood, will follow instructions. Thanks! Marie

Checking articles

Hi, I spoke to Ray that we will not include stubs in the articles of regular batches. So, I have changed my page a bit. I will put all the articles under the section "Working" while I am working on them. When I am done with the articles I will move them to section "Being Checked". When the editors check the articles, I will move the regular articles to a "batch" and the stubs to to the section "stub". I hope this is making sense. Let me know if you want to change it. Thanks Muhammad Ali Khalid


I see you converted batch 9 from list to a block. Actually, I made that in the list format to keep track of the number of articles in it. Batch 9 in not complete yet (technically). It has 31 articles right now and it will be completed when it has 50 articles. I will now take the "Checked and approved" articles from being checked section to batch 9 and make a list. When 50 articles are complete, I will put them in a block and start entering "checked and approved" articles to batch 10. I know this is very confusing but this is easy to track as I will only be paid for batches with 50 complete "regular" articles and I will not be able to decide which articles are stubs and which are articles. As my decision will be a bit biased... for obvious reasons :-)..
The 31 articles in batch 9 are already checked by you. I will mark them with AM and yes, I will only move the edited articles to batches with the signature of the editor..

Mactar Seck

I am unable to determine if this this and this are same. Could you please check it.


Batch 1

I am done with Batch 1. Please check it and let me know if anything needs to be edited.

RE: Editing

I have removed cities and bolded names from articles. What does AM mean?

This article

So, this is a lady Melissa Rexach, this is her linkedin profile. There is no apparent connection between her and ICANN or an Internet Company. My guess is that she must have been at the meeting because she worked at the hotel where the meeting was held. Should I put this article here? If not, the please delete her page, its empty. If yes, then let me know.Muhammad Ali Khalid

Batch 2

Thanks for your feedback. I have seen stubs and got the idea. Will compile them separately now. Tehreem

These pages are created accidentally, please delete them. Mukesh kumar Mohammed slaoui Farin farzin

4th batch

I am back on the project and started working on the 4th batch. Added 23 profiles upto now. Data on rest of the remaining profiles are hard to locate. For example most of the names does not have a connection with ICANN on google search. Few does have references in ICANN meetings, but does not contain contact points or further details. Please advice on how to proceed.

I have started fixing errors in my previous batch as well. Hope to finish it by tomorrow.

Thanks - User:pulasthi

Site Down

Did you notice it was down last night at all? I just noticed it and had to restart it about 10 min ago (8AM) ... Ray

company profiles

hi andrew,

Ray suggested that i should take up company profiles to substitute for the rest of the work remaining in the current set. So I hope you can give some guide as to what company profiles you would want me to do and so on.

Thanks - user:pulasthi

Further Instructions

So I received an email from Ray that he is busy so you will be helping me...Therefore, I think its appropriate to ask to you what I should do now? As all the people articles have been transferred (the left ones are kids, wives, irrelevant, or they do not have an affiliation, just 82 articles left)Muhammad Ali Khalid

Somewhat yes... the people articles are almost done... I did not do Li qiang because there is a person of the same name who is a domain name hijacker, but this person works with china.org. I am not sure if they are same people or not, or how to put his article together...

Some of the articles are like this:

The remaining are without affiliation...

10 are left to be checked... Out of the 18 in Being Checked section one is a stub, so I will have batch 11 with complete 50 articles.. Those stubs are already checked by you, I will mark them to avoid confusion. so just the being checked section is remaining to be checked and yes.. there were the templates to 33 articles from sabrina.

Yeah... Sabrina's articles require quite a lot of work. If you see this Don Ham, you might get a hint that she is making things up from her imagination and she has done like that in most of the articles and none of the articles have references... Should I erase this type of "fluff" from the articles? and Should I fish for references and put in them them? or do you just want me to rephrase the articles in a neutral way? I will probably start with her articles tomorrow.

Yeah, it will be harder then writing an article from the scratch.. and I know you people are always fair.. :-) Thanks..


Hi, Can you get Ray to clear the payment for all the stubs before the 1st of next month? You have a vworker account, so you can understand why I want it before the first. Its not necessary, just a favor. The stubs are all checked except Dakota King.

Also, on your user page Kathy Kleiman, Dirk Krischenowski are misspelled. ThanksMuhammad Ali Khalid


Yeah, I received the payment. Thanks. I have started working on my new task and I noted that Oscar Robles already has an article as Oscar Robles-Garay. So you might want to delete the former. ThanksMuhammad Ali Khalid

Batch 2

Yeah I got it. I will just complete these articles and then move towards company articles.

re: random

pretty sure those people got their pics lost. i'll switch em to the placeholder images. Caterina

List of Companies

Hi Andrew,

I informed Ray about some companies assigned to me and he told me to wait for further instructions from you.

  1. Esoftwiz, de-accredited by ICANN
  2. Finestnames.com- the domain is for sale...should i still create a page for this?
  3. Geosign Corporation- went out of business
  4. Interactive Communications Florida based company website does not exist/unavailable

IBM- I already wrote the company profile from the first batch ICA and Melbourne IT- pages have been already created by other writers

Another thing, JotSpot has been acquired by Google and they launched it as Google Sites.

Thanks Marie

Replacements Needed

Thank you for your prompt reply...I need 8 replacements.

Okay, I will write an article about ESoftwiz. Again, thank you for the replacements. Marie

I'm glad you inform me about Iron Mountain.

Second Batch Complete

Hi Andrew, I just want to inform you that I already completed the 50 companies. Thanks Marie

Upload Problem

Hi Andrew, I am trying to upload a new logo for Google however, I am experiencing a technical problem. I am receiving this warning The upload directory (public) is not writable by the webserver. Marie

Same info

this and this profile have same contact info. Is this same man? Tehreem

Lawrence at lawrence.tel is this man and he has got some info. isn't it?

yeah I just compiled it.

Thank You & Interested in Working on New Batch

Hi, Thank you very much for all the compliments and I'm following through with your comments on the articles. And Yes I am very much interested in working for another batch. Again, Thanks a lot. Marie

New Batch

Thank you and I'm happy working with you.

Company Articles

Do company article pages have exactly the same name here as in ICANNWiki.org? Just asking so that there are no clashes this time.Tehreem

Was just busy with some other project which I could not inform earlier. Apologize for the delay in people articles. However I am free now and just starting company articles. Tehreem

Do I have to wipe the article from the older site? Should it also contain only ICANNWiki.com category? What categories should I use for new articles here? I remember there was a list but I can't find where you mentioned that.

Replacement Articles

Please provide us replacement articles for the companies which I have already mentioned.Also, as I said earlier Dreyfus and associés Company is in my list of 50 companies and I have a written an article on it, but someone else has already posted this article on icannwiki. Do let me know what to do?Anaya


Started working on Seomoz and got to know it already existed as SEOmoz. You may delete it.Tehreem And delete Nicline.com as well.


It is a search engine as describes by a few sites but generally i am finding negative reviews and hatred for it all over the place. People say its some malware like thing. Should I go on? There is not much info about it though. Not even their own about us page works. Tehreem

I think its a stub. People don't like it because it just pops up itself when they are searching somewhere else.

Batch 2

I am short of 7 articles in completing my batch 2 and there are hardly any articles left now. Even if there are they are stubs. Should I start wiping the pages from .org so that we can get an idea if there is anything left? I have noticed changing the category doesn't remove it from the companies because it is default with the template i think. Tehreem

I am wiping old site and if I find any articles that are left I will create them here.

Batch 2

I have started three new companies and I see there is some good information about them out there. The problem is that I have got two academic projects today (my 4th semester is ending on 27th May). Therefore, I have decided not to destroy these articles in hurry. I would rather suggest you assign them to someone else.

However I would be able to edit previous articles so you can start checking them. Also I will wipe the pages from old site (60 done already). Can you please inform other writers if they take help from previously written article they can still see it in history? Or if its difficult for anyone, contact me I will provide that material. (Just making sure nobody gets lost in whats going on.)

Articles to assign are Rackspace Managed Hosting, JotSpot and Outblaze.

Waiting for your further instructions. Tehreem 06:24, 18 May 2011 (PDT)

No not the articles which still need to be moved. But if someone was going to take help from the older ones if they have not completed yet. Should I report work complete on vworker? I am left with dead line of 4 days there.

Ok then extend the deadline. I will try to do them as soon as possible. But maximum 3 days.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Re:How is it

Hi.. Yeah I am well. Actually, I have a lot on my plate this month. Last month I worked full time on the site and have a lot of work from other employers, so I am not able to work much on ICANNWiki. I will be working on the site, won't do a lot of work, but will try to work steadily. Thanks for checking out...Muhammad Ali Khalid


Hi Andrew, it's okay, Tehreem and I were able to work things out. He suggested that I put a template on the company's I'm working on. I also want to inform you that JotSpot doesn't exist anymore because the company has been acquired by Google and they launched it as Google sites.Just want to let you know...Thanks! Marie


Hi Andrew, I don't know what NI stands for, I am assuming it's NIC.NI the domain name for Nicaragua? How would I be able to change the page I created from NI to NIC.NI? Thanks! Marie

Awesome welcoming job!

for John Walubengo

I like!


am totally blushing (quite hard for a black guy ;-)

But hey, u have given me a makeover CV that makes me look really good. And the best part of it is that all of it is true ;-)

regards and thanx a million for providing me a new dimension that I had known but not seen about myself.


New project

Hi, Last night I received an invitation on vworker for fixing Sabrina's articles. In that project, Ray has specified the bid for fixing 43 articles. However, there are only 32 articles. So you might want rethink the compensation on that project. Muhammad Ali Khalid

One More Thing

Hi Andrew! I am done with the articles I was working on. I think you have already given me a lot of favours, can I ask for a little more help? Could you please wind up my Batch 2 with the articles I have done? They are 47 I guess. I don't think I will be able to continue for a while. Do let me know what are your plans. Regards. Tehreem

Yeah I can do the editing stuff. You can start checking them.


I am done with the editing as you specified. Hope to see you again after exams. Tehreem 21:15, 28 May 2011 (PDT)


Hi Andrew, Sorry for the slow progress. We have written some articles but did not post them, we apologize for that. We are posting them now. We have total 21 articles completed including the posted ones. We will be posting 2-3 articles a day. Inform us if this plan is not appropriate.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Saassoln


Hi Andrew, I think I need 3 replacements. Thanks! Marie

Copy paste issues

Hi Andrew, We apologize for the NSI article. Our writer had referred the Wikipedia article for background research but some parts like people's names got repeated. We are sorry for that. we checked all the other articles from batch 2 on Copyscape and no other article is showing copied content from Wikipedia. Some article show words used from the reference links, We have corrected them too. We will take care not to repeat this mistake again. Thanks Saassoln

A bit change

Hi Andrew. I learnt that Dave Crocker is the brother of Steve Crocker, so I added this information at the top of Steve Crocker article. You worked Steve Crocker's article a few days ago. Just thought to notify you so that you can check.. Muhammad Ali Khalid Also, I am placing a -Done after the articles that I have completed. You can check them if you want to. and I saw that addition of Arabic article of Mr. Zoman, its a really cool addition, though I couldn't read it. :-)

Batch 3

Hi Andrew, I just want to inform you that my third batch of articles is finished. Thanks! Marie

Batch 1 complete

Hi Andrew. We are done with the first batch of 50 companies. It was a nice experience working with you.Looking forward to second batch of articles.Thanks. Anaya


I overlooked that company and unable to count it when I asked ask for replacements. Thank you very much.Marie

Thank you very much!!! I am currently working on the .com page and yes i'm still available to work for another batch. Again, Thanks! Marie


I'm finished with the .com page and made necessary changes with the other companies MCI, Markle, NIC.CI and IEEE---I can't find references regarding ICANN and IEEE overlapping but I Included Vint Cerf in the article being and IEEE fellow and recepient of IEEE awards. I'm looking forward for the next batch. Thanks! Marie

Thank you very much! I'm glad to continue to work with you.Marie

How can I create a caricature for the people? Marie Thanks! I will let you know if I have other questions.

Special project

Yes, I can take the work. Since you have told me 10 days before the actual work, I will make sure that I don't have much work from 19-24. I can give almost 5-7 hours per day or more if needed. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Great... I will be waiting...

CP and AM

Hi Andrew,

We would need some help with CP and AM. What Do These Stand For?

Noted a thing

On the main page a line goes like this "We are in the process of migrating content from the original site to the new site, here at ICANNWiki.com." Now, the link to the original brings us back to the .COM site since .ORG has been redirected to .COM. Shouldn't this line be changed?Muhammad Ali Khalid


Hi Andrew! How is everything going? I am free now. Anything I can do? Tehreem

Seems like things are going very busy...? Waiting to here from you soon...

Re: More Details

I get it. No I don't have any question, but just a concern. You said last time you people added 200 articles to the site. Which means almost 40 articles per day. I don't think so that I can add 40 articles in a day, even If I work 8 hours. Even stubs take a lot of time; to determine a person has no information on the internet, extensive research is required which takes time. Can I get 2-4 days after the conference as well as working on the days of the conference to wrap up all the work? No need for a vworker project. You can send a direct payment through vworker after I have done the work.Muhammad Ali Khalid

ICANN Article

Awesome job you're doing with this article! Ray

Main Page

Nice Choice Ray


I am starting the work. Muhammad Ali Khalid


Yeah exams went fine. Best of luck with the meeting and have a nice vacation afterwards. Tehreem


The cards are really NEAT..!!!! and very creative.. Muhammad Ali Khalid

This might cause problem

I noticed that you have started uploading the picture. Please make sure that you use the same spelling for pictures as for the pages on my user page. for example Wa'''q'''ar Azeem has picture under File:WagarAzeemPortrait.jpg and Zak Muscovitch has photo as File:ZacMuscovichPortrait.jpg. This will create a lot of problem in Editing the articles afterwards. and I think Rendy Maulana's picture is under File:RendyAkbarPortrait.jpg.

Also people with three names have file under there first and last name like Laina Raveendran Greene in File:LainaGreenePortrait.jpg. Should I put the pictures with only first and last name in their page (for people who have three or four names)?

I understand you people are overwhelmed with work at this time and error is inevitable. So if you want, you can send the pictures to me with just first names and I can upload the files with correct name according to their page. Muhammad Ali Khalid


I will keep the .JPG and .jpg use in mind while writing the aritlces. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Also, certain people who have very long details and career, for them I am just creating a page and entering their current positions along with their linkedin profiles and photos. After the conference or when I complete everybody. I will revisit these lengthy articles to complete them.Muhammad Ali Khalid

checking batch 2

Hi Caterina and Andrew,

We have completed most of the articles from our second batch. We will complete the remaining ones in a week or two. Can you please check the the ones completed and inform us if any changes are needed. Thank you.Saassoln

Post Conference

As the conference is over now, I take it you will start checking the articles. For most of the articles, I just made stubs because there were so many people and some of them were signing up at the website to edit their own page. I will mark the articles with an "-A", which will mean that I have completed the article from my side and the editors can check it. When you check the article, you can mark the issues for the articles the same way you do. Is this fine? Coz I won't be able to complete the articles before 3-4 days, because there are almost 100 articles to be completed. Muhammad Ali Khalid

I have completed all the articles. Except 6. These are kinda quite LONG.

User Page

Hi Andrew, I just want to inform you that somebody (Lifleng 123?) revised my user page. I just clicked undo revision from the history page. You might want to take a look at it? Anyways, I need 4 replacements because there were duplicates from the list you gave me. Thank You! Marie


Good that you people are back... It was getting lonely here :) Here are the six articles that I won't be doing:

I have completed rest of the articles. Some articles have some issues. I have marked them. We can work on that while you check the articles.

I will complete my other project in this month. It is almost half done.

Batch 2

Hi Andrew, Good to see you back. We have about 10 articles remaining in the second batch. They are taking time since they have little relevant information available on them. We are trying to complete them as soon as possible. 1 or 2 topics do not have much information to write on. What can be done of those topics?

Also We are completing the company templates from both 1st and 2nd batches. We tried to access the old site icannwiki.org for linking the old pages to new ones. But was not able to find it and was redirected to icannwiki.com every time. Has the old site been shut and the domain is redirected to the new one? Does this mean we do not have to link the old pages to new ones?

Just notify us when you start editing the second batch. So that we can make the required changes. Thank you.Saassoln

Batch 2

Hi Andrew, One of article assigned to us in batch 2 RFC has been completed by another writer Marie. Please check whether she has not been assigned any other articles assigned to us. Thank you.Saassoln


Hi, I recieved the bonus. Thanks. Yeah the work went really well and I would be more than happy to take such projects in the future.Muhammad Ali Khalid

I am sorry for that.. Actually, I copy a paragraph to the editor from the source and then rephrase. I might have made this mistake of forgetting to rephrase the content. If you want, you can mark the copy pastes on my user page and I will fix them.Muhammad Ali Khalid

Batch 4

Hi Andrew, I just want to inform you that I am finished with Batch 4. Thanks!

No Worries, I understand and will follow-up on the progress of the editing. :) Marie

Almost Done

Hi Andrew, We are almost done with the editing part. Please have a look at it and tell me if it is ok or not. Also I couldn't get info for Ebay ICANN and WTO ICANN. W3Bank Internet Teknolojileri--the company URL is still not working and we are not getting information from those sources as well. So, if you need we can add another article in its place.

I have edited all the articles, just need to update my user page. That I would do today itself. Please go through them once and tell me if they are fine now. If everything is fine assign us new batch of articles.Anaya

Hi, I have marked the articles.


I asked replacements for 4 duplicates before. I think I wrote articles for Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland (ISPAI) and Internet Service Providers Association India (ISPAI). I honestly didn't notice I wrote duplicate articles for WLS and ISPCP. Just provide replacements.Marie


Re: ?

I added the information to the SLD page, seemed a better way to organize it. Caterina

Back on the site...

Hi Andrew... I have found an apartment and have started working on the site. Thank you very much for your patience. Muhammad Ali Khalid


Sorry wasn't able to respond to your message message immediately today, I was out for an important errand. I will let you know once I finished with the additional information on the remaining articles. Thank you very much and I'm looking forward on my next batch of assignment. Marie

Hi Andrew, I'm finished with the remaining articles. Thank you.Marie Yes, I am willing and happy to continue working on another batch. I'm looking forward for my next assignment. Again thank you very much :)Marie



Have you checked the articles?Are they ok?Anaya

New Batch

No worries, I enjoy writing varieties, I learn more about ICANN and the internet industry. I will let you know if I have some questions or I need some help. And thank you for all your support and encouragement. It is truly inspiring. :) Marie

DNS Value and Vulnerability Article

dunno, ray added (wrote?) it a long time ago. i've come across it a few times before, but i'm not really sure what it's for. Caterina

Re: Spades

I think so, but I can't remember what it is. It might be cool people grab bag. I think clubs is people who wanted to be in the deck.

the ones with ?s aren't registered for the meeting yet.

Good to see ICANNwiki coming back to life

Hey Andrew - was wondering how to respond to your comment on my page.

I keep coming back to ICANNwiki pages when searching for info on people, so I figured I'd see if I have a page here and update it. Every but helps, no?

Anyway, keep up the good work. I'll make occasional edits when I see pages needing them.


Hi Andrew, I have just completed my latest batch. You can start checking it. Muhammad Ali Khalid Also, can you please clean up the to be resolved section at the end of my user page? Was just tidying up my user page.


What happened to this guy: Mohammad Thawabeh? Caterina


Hi Andrew! How are you and everything else? I am fine and have nothing to do these days so I would love being back here. Just tell me where to start.

New User Name

Hi Andrew, I just want to let you know that I created a new account. My user name Marie C. I informed Ray that I was having trouble signing in with my account and the system keeps telling me i tried to sign in many times. The temporary password provided by the system doesn't work either. Ray advised me to just create a new account. Thanks Marie

Editing Done

Hi Andrew. Sorry for the delay. Actually I was out of town for one week. So it took time to edit the articles. We have edited all the articles except W3Bank Internet Teknolojileri. When we wrote this article, the links were working, but now they are not working. Should I write another article in its place? Thanks!!Anaya

Edit Done

Hi Andrew, I completed the self edits. You can check them when you get time.Muhammad Ali Khalid

New batch

Yeah. I would like to start my new batch. But I was thinking, if I can do the Meetings Articles. I am interested in learning more about the meetings, so this would be good way for me to get to know more about what happens at the meetings. Let me know if I can do them.

And yeah. I would surely like to work during ICANN Senegal. Muhammad Ali Khalid


I am excited about doing the meetings. I will start with the latest ICANN 41 and then work my way back to ICANN 1. I will get the ICANN 41 article checked by you, when I complete it. So that we can decide what to add and what not add in the article.Muhammad Ali Khalid

I had the same bonus thing in my mind. I prefer that method. I have got all the info you send for the meetings and will start soon. I have also received the payment. Thanks.

Company/Glossary articles

I am fine with doing company/glossary articles if Ali is wants to do meetings. But considering the length of the company articles isn't it going to be $150 for 25 articles now? And would you be adding the companies to my user page yourself or is it something like we used to do before? I mean picking the companies from a page or something? Tehreem

Sure we can decide it after the batch is completed. Yeah I saw that he was quite excited about meetings so he should do that.

I know you are always fair. I would try my best to write these articles up to your expectations.


I have started ICANN 41. I just changed the format a bit from that of ICANN 1. It is not complete yet, I just wanted to see if the format is fine. Also there was a video added by ray on the meeting page. should I add any other video in the same way?

Also I think the template should have a sponsors field or should I add that in the article? And I think the ICANN Meetings page should also have something about the sponsorships and different level, bronze, platinum etc...


Should I discuss this issue in the article? Or should it be just in Khaled Fattal's article? It keeps on coming up.


I have completed ICANN 41, but I am unsure of what to write in the developments section. I mean, what does developments mean? Where can I find the the developments? some ideas to search this on the internet? or some other words to define "developments at a meeting"Muhammad Ali Khalid

Also Glen de Saint Gery needs to be moved to Glen de Saint Géry.


Hi Andrew. Have edited the last article. Please have a look and let me know if we have to add anything. Also, I am looking forward to next batch. Thanks!!Anaya

Hi Andrew. Have you checked that article? Do I have to add anything else? Thanks!! Anaya

Same Company

Trunkoz is the new name for QuantumPages. Tehreem And isn't SWITCH the same as Switch?

Re: ?

Omg stop putting messages on the user page and not the discussion page. Didn't see this until now...

I know for a fact that koalafil isn't spam -- it's Filiz Yilmaz. It's the username she uses for everything. I wasn't sure about the other guy, but it didn't look like a spammer. I'd be weary of being overzealous about blocking spammers because we don't want to drive real people away from the site. Caterina


Could you help me about this company. I am having a hard time deciding what to include and what to leave. Should I give a detailed account on the company and their long list of awards, never ending services and the trends in the stock market? Tehreem

And what happened to the ICANNWiki favicon? As far as I remember it used to be there in the bar and now there is favicon of Google

Re: Wording

Yeah, but "parties" is used elsewhere on the ICANN website and the Internet as a whole (it has more Google results). I don't think that table is the be all end all. "Parties" is grammatically correct. Caterina

it's true, i am
kk, sounds good. def link that constituencies page to the category though, like is done for the registrar and registries pages.

Red links

Didn't mean to change them, just happened when I copied and pasted my rewrite over from the other article.Caterina

When you delete a redirect, make sure you also fix all the pages linking to it... (re: "ICANN Meeting")


Thank you for the appreciation. I have noted the points. I will start working on the rest of the meetings. As for the ICANN 41 developments, I will complete them before starting the other articles. Thanks.Muhammad Ali Khalid


Didn't know about this site, will be careful in future. And I just don't know how I forgot adding that image. Anyway I'll make sure not to forget these little things again.. Tehreem


Is it ISS - Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktu- Sweeden ccTLD registry operatior or IIS? This seems like its website but it is IIS

And is there any website for Teletok? It doesn't look like there is one Tehreem


NSRC has the this official website but it seems there are a lot of Network Startup Recourse Centers around the world. Should I write about it generally like a glossary term or a company or what? Tehreem

Sun Microsystems is a very popular company but it got crashed and was sold to Oracle in 2010. Now Oracle is changing all its software names and policies. Should I still write about this company or should it be included in Oracle?

Do I have to write a glossary article on CERT? Almost every country has its own CERT and article about first ever CERT already exists here as CERT/CC. And if I have to write a glossary article on it, then CERT and CSIRT are going to be the same according to this. So I would need another replacement.

ASIWG has a wiki as its website. Should I collect information from that wiki?

Not getting what WWTLD does now. Their website seems dead and has not been updated since 2007. And there is not much info about it on the web either.

By CIX, if you meant the CIX association, it was shut down in 2000.

Re: Replacements

Thanks for your appreciation. As you would have seen I am left with 8 articles, could you please increase the deadline of my project for about 2 days? With that I will be able to do a little more search.

Yeah I have an idea. No problem with that Tehreem


Things are great. How are you. Yes, I am back in school. The current project (ICANN Meetings) will probably be my last project with ICANNWiki. However, I am interested in doing the meeting work for Dakar and all the next meetings. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Actually the studies have become too much. It is hard to take out time regularly to work. But taking out time for 5-6 days is easy, therefore I am interested in the meeting work.

Last Article

I could not find out anything on FLUI. Can you point out any specific website for info on this? Tehreem

Ah got it...

Ready for Editing

Hi Andrew, I just want to let you know that my articles are ready for editing. Thanks! Marie

Batch 3

Done with batch 3. Tehreem


Hi Andrew, I just wanted to inform you that I am here and I will writing the articles as you add them to my page. Thanks Muhammad Ali Khalid

Hi Andrew, I think that the meeting is over now. I will need three days now to complete all the articles. Thanks. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Hi Andrew, Actually, I am deliberately leaving the lengthy articles for now so that I can get back to them once I have created all the pages (like I did in the last meeting). For example Chris LaHatte, I plan on getting back to his article after I complete the task. Please do not check the articles right now. I will inform you when I have created all the pages and completed the articles. Thanks.Muhammad Ali Khalid

I see. No problem, you can continue with the work. I will try my best to complete the small articles by tomorrow, so you can check them. Its almost midnight here, I will create all the pages tomorrow and mark the complete ones with an "A" as an indication that I have completed them.

Hi Andrew, I was working on the articles and I noted a thing. In some of the articles you have referenced the meeting as 43 while in some you have referenced it as 42', I understand it was the 42nd meeting. I don't know if you did it on purpose or if it was a mistake, therefore I have not changed the 43 to 42. I have marked the articles with 43, which indicates that you have referenced the meeting as 43. Muhammad Ali Khalid. Also, I am not able to add the caricatures. I checked the Senegal Tuesday page but there were only portraits. I am putting the standard JohnDoeCaricature.JPG link, but for some reason the caricatures do not appear. Can you please give me the page where you have all the caricatures, so that I can put the caricatures to their respective articles.

Actually, I was thinking of changing the arrangement in the same way. It helps me too. :-) About the work, I have almost gone through all the articles once, now I will start doing the articles that I have left and fixing the ones that have issues. Muhammad Ali Khalid

I will do the lengthy articles.Muhammad Ali Khalid


Hi Andrew, Just wondering when will you be available to continue editing my batch 5 articles. Caterina started editing the articles, however it was interrupted due to the Senegal meeting. I am currently working on batch 6, the list was provided by Caterina. Thanks Marie

Again, Thank you very much! :) Marie

Thank you for editing my articles and providing me with additional links. Follow-up on your editing comments is completed. Again, Thanks! :) Marie

Marketing Strategies for available open ccTLDs has been added. Marie

Lengthy Article

I realize the importance of finishing this project quickly and I have this project on the top of my priority list too. I have completed the articles. Only two are left: Matt Navarre and Compaore Rasmata. Can you please take these articles? Let me know.Muhammad Ali Khalid

Payment and Next

Don't worry about the payment. You can take your time, I withdraw funds on the first of every month so you still have 15 days; you can finish the meeting work first and then work the payment. I will go through all the articles once again and mark them. About the meeting articles, if you can easily transfer the task to someone else then it is fine. Otherwise, I will be back on work from the 3rd of November.Muhammad Ali Khalid

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for clearing the payment. I am totally satisfied with the payment amount, it is completely fair.

I will definitely contact you if I get time to start working again. ICANNWiki has helped me a lot in growing as writer. Working with you people I have learnt a lot and I am glad to have been a part of this project. Wish you the best for you life. :-)Muhammad Ali Khalid

Last Batch

I am done with editing the articles but I had some confusion about IRTP. There are no suggestions mentioned in the source 7. Please clarify a bit what exactly were you referring to. Tehreem

re: resellerbazaar

it's not though, i looked into it. their logo is designed all lowercase but their twitter, facebook, and some places on their own website are camelcase. their copyright is camel case, if you look at the bottom of their website. Caterina


What's going on with the last point here? Work to be done#Recent News and Developments to be Added

Batch 6- Ready for Editing

Hi Andrew, Just want to inform you that my articles are ready for editing. Thanks! Marie

Thanks!!! Marie

Batch 7

Yeah, I noticed the list yesterday when I checked the community portal. I am willing to start working on it. Thanks! Marie

Thank you very much for trusting me and I really enjoy working with you guys. You are all very professional and very helpful. I really appreciate all the bonuses :). Regarding Batch 6--I will continue to work on it until the completion of the editing process and will start working on Batch 7. Again, Thank you so much!!! Marie

Icann meetings

Hello there Andrew,

I am goimg to commence work on this tonight for you, will start looking through content etc... tonight. It may take me a while to get to grips with the project a little more complex than i am used too lol. However hopefully i can complete work all work you require.

Kind Regards Steven Harrison

Batch one

Ok many thanks Andrew As i said on previous message i will take a good look tonight as i think the formatting will be the hardest part for me to understand the writing should not be an Issue.

Look forward to a good working relationship with you for the distant future.

Hello there Andrew

I have attemted to write the first article, just to get a feel fo the website and the format etc...

I have not proofread it yet or anything so there may be mistakes in there. Was just playing about with it, so it is not yet complete, please let me know what you think and if there are any major issues with it. I will be adding a few more sections such as the sponser page and i will eventually link all of these articles to each other.

The Referances will also be included at the end.

Kind Regards Steven Harrison

PS i am getting all of my Information from [1] is this the best source?

Ok thank you andrew, i will continue to work on this and i will upload all first paragraphs for you too see over the next few days. The first section i wrote that you have looked at was purly just a tester to see play around with the coding etc.... I have written about all the information i have said on the last message to you on all other first paragraphs.

Kind Regards Steven Harrison

Hello there i am still working on these aritcles for you, i will begin uploading content tongiht for you. I had sent you a message over Vworker the other day, explaining why this work had not been uploaded yet. However i back and good now so can continue work for you.

Kind Regards Steven

Hello andrew

Is there any other sources of informaiton where i can get a more simple approach to the outcomes of this meeting, i am ok when looking for the layout of the meetings for exmple however when it comes to finding out what actually came out of the meeting i am finding it difficult to find this information. As the website only shows a agenda for the meeting and occasionally there will be a sribes note which still holds just general topics.

Any help will be appreciated P.S i have looked into your adviceand will take it onboard, recently i have been using the template for all articles for the ICANN 1 page, form now on i will use the template for the ICANN 40 page.

Kindest regards Steven

Hi there just an update for you i have wrote out template up until ICANN 20, all content is on there for the articles up unitl ICANN 14. All the first 20 articles will be completed by the end of the weekend, and then i expect to have fininshed the whole project by the end of the month.

Kind Regards Steven Harrison

TLD Template

Hi Andrew, Thanks I already used it for .jobs and .me TLDs. I just want to clarify two things. |community= Yes (.jobs because it is sponsored and it serves human resources etc. community) |stringcontention= I'm not sure whether it is yes or no

for example: .me is ccTLD however it is also used as gTLD. Third level registration is only restricted to residents of Montenegro. Under stringcontention, should I put yes or no? Thanks... Marie

I wrote the DotAfrica .africa on my batch 5. Thanks for the clarification. Marie

Batch 7 Ready for Editing

Hi Andrew, I just want to inform you that my articles are ready for editing. I remember, I need a replacement for Jose Ovidio Salgueiro because the page already exist. Thanks :) Marie

New Batch

Thank you very much!!! Of course I would love to continue working with you. I already added some info. from the "to do lists" to my previous articles :) So, it's not a problem with me to do a mixture of new articles and edits. Have fun in Costa Rica!!! Marie

Batch 8

I will provide you my feedback during the course of the job. As of now, I'm okay with it. Thanks! Marie

Batch 4 update 2

Hi Andrew, I finished making the changes in the articles. Please have a look and let me know if they are ok now and if I have to make any further changes. Thanks, Dana