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Hey, welcome to the talk page Andrew 10:52, 9 February 2011 (PST)


wholly cow, you're already tackling table formatting! Impressive Ray

Checking Articles

Hi, I take it you are an editor on the project. I am Muhammad Ali Khalid, you checked a few of my articles. I just wanted to tell that if you find some error in my articles, you can put a comment on Articles needed page in front of that specific article, like you did for "Robin Gross" article. I will check your comments and then notify you when I have fixed the article.

Regards, Ali

Yeah, I used to do the same thing, reading the sources and then rewording, but lately, I noticed that it was kind of allowed here, like in the Debbie Monahan or the Debbie Garside articles. Most of the articles were already this way on, so I copied and formatted them. Anyways, I will fix the text and notify you. Would probably do it tomorrow or the day after that and leave you a message here on your discussion page.

Hi, I have edited the text in the articles, you can start checking them. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Twitter above KeyPeople

done ... I think, let me know if it's working properly Ray


really nice job with these articles! Ray

css link color

Hey Caterina - I have never done this before - but looks pretty straight forward.. Best, MarkDilley

Jaap Akkerhuis

strangely, I see John Nevett's pic on this page? I think it might be because we used John as the demo data in the people template and Abyss may have copied that and then forgot to modify it ... Ray

SAAS Solutions

Hi Caterina, We have posted a glossary article ADR. Please check it and assist us if there are any changes needed in formatting and presentation. And also whether any content changes are required in it.Saassoln

SAAS Solutions

Hi Caterina, We have made changes to ADR as asked by you. we have also posted some mew articles FCC, ECTA, DOC. Please check them and tell us if there are any changes needed.Saassoln

SAAS Solutions

Hi Caterina,

Sorry I saw the comment in the articles needed section after I posted the message to you. We are working on the changes you have mentioned.

Regarding the ADR article. The gTLD-MOU source link works fine on our side when we click on it from the reference section. This is the link we referred to while writing about gTLD-MOU in ADR The page has one paragraph saying gTLD-MOU uses ADRs for dispute resolution and also this link was referred from which prompted us to include information from the page.

Relating to ACPs, we could not find much information on the topic. This is the reason why we did not start with the topic which is first in our list. the gTLD-MOU page referred above have some links to WIPO pages under section "From WIPO" describing ACP rules but these links are broken like the other links on WIPO having information on ACP.

We are still searching for information on the topic. Can you suggest some sources from where we can find relevant information on ACP and write the article.

We would be highly obliged if you could help us. Thankyou

SAAS Solutions

Hi Caterina,

We have made changes to DOC and FCC, please check them. And does the ADR article need any changes?

We are replacing the ACP article, on which we could not find much info, with VOIP. we will mark "Not enough information" in the articles needed section beside ACP. and will mark "Saassoln" beside VOIP topic so that it will be clear that we are posting it.

we have also posted two new articles AFA and AFNIC. Please review these also and let us know whether any changes are required or not.


SAAS Solutions

Hi Caterina,

Two new articles have been published, DARPA and URL. Thanks, Saassoln

SAAS Solutions

We also wanted to ask you whether we can add images in the articles. We have created organization structure of APNG of .png format and want to include it in the article. can we upload the image by creating a new page with the following link:

Thanks, Saassoln

SAAS Solutions

Hi Caterina,

We will tell you when we complete the whole batch. We have already uploaded and added the image in APNG. Thanks, Saassoln


Yes, I guessed that was the reason for my work not being checked. I was a bit confused about the formatting with the headings as different articles have different headings. However, now I will follow the pattern that you have mentioned. Should I change the headings to the same pattern for all the articles in the previous batch or you can do that while editing. It won't be a problem for me to change the headings for all the articles in that batch. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Name Problem

While working on an article, I just noted that we have the Charles Shaban article on the site, but on the AGIP page, his name is written as Charles Sha'ban and on another place on the same page it is Charles Chaban, both of which are not on this wiki. You might want to fix this conflict and interlink the pages. I think the correct name is Charles Sha'ban Muhammad Ali Khalid

Also, Khaled Battash is also a part of AGIP, so you might want to put that name into the AGIP page as well.

SAAS Solutions

Hello Caterina,

There are 8 articles remaining in our batch. There are two articles AIRA and EuroInternet on which we could not find much information. We will replace these two from any two of the heavily linked terms batch.

We will make the changes to the articles you have checked once we complete the whole batch. By then you can review the remaining ones and tell us which of them need changes.

About the first two articles we had made changes to ADR the first time you had asked for changes. And we have replaced ACP with VoIP. Please check these two also and tell us if any further changes are required.

Can you please specify the sections you think are not appropriate in AFNIC or should we make changes to all the sections written. Thank you.

SAAS Solutions

Hi Caterina,

There are some articles on which did not get much info. They are AIRA, DeNIC, ENRED, EuroInternet and iOPS.ORG. As you said earlier we can replace such articles by the heavily linked terms section. We are posting one article APTLD. Can we go ahead with 4 others also from the heavily linked terms? Thanks, Saassoln


Okay. Thanks.. Muhammad Ali Khalid

No problem.. I used the history tab and copied the edits to my user page.

Batch 1

Hi Caterina,

We are posting one article just now and will post another within a few hours. We have other writer who has started on batch 2. We will also make the changes to the articles you have checked.

I'm thinking that even if we need to show differentiation between the larger sponsors and smaller ones, the logo's for the larger ones are really large and maybe we can bring those down a bit in size? Ray


we're stepping on each others toes! i'll remove my welcome as i put it on his user page. shouldn't you be asleep!? Andrew


Hi Caterina, I just noticed a few errors on CENTR page, as you are working on it so thought to let you know. There are several people who have there are articles on the site but because of incorrect names, they are not interlinked. Like in the first table it is Alizera Saleh, his correct name is Alireza Saleh, Isak N. Jacobsen, has his article under Isak Jacobson and Leslet Cowley is actually Lesley Cowley. Thanks Muhammad Ali Khalid 01:40, 10 April 2011 (PDT)

Forwarding Links on

Tehreem made a good point here about how missing forwarding links can cause new writers to do unnecessary work. We should probably modify the work description and maybe also have someone go through the balance on again. We can do this when we meet today. Ray

new template

Cat, you might let other writers know about the spiffy new company template! Ray

I figured you were probably ahead of me on that :)

batch 1 edit

Hi Caterina, we have edited some of the articles from batch 1 and have 9 remaining to be edited. You might have noticed that we have marked the ones edited. We will rework the URL article as you said it is unclear. For AFNIC you mentioned many sections are unclear. Can you please specify which sections needs to be reworked. Thanks, Saassoln


i dunno why i anticipated that image import to be more difficult than it was. thanks though.

SAAS Solutions

Thanks!!! for editing AFNIC. We are making the corrections to the other articles. Sorry for the delay. We have added a line about spectrum in FCC. We have one doubt, you have grouped the approved edited articles at the top of the list. But some of the articles still have the under construction image in them. For example, ADR and IAHC.Saassoln

Checking Articles

Hi, I spoke to Ray that we will not include stubs in the articles of regular batches. So, I have changed my page a bit. I will put all the articles under the section "Working" while I am working on them. When I am done with the articles I will move them to section "Being Checked". When the editors check the articles, I will move the regular articles to a "batch" and the stubs to to the section "stub". I hope this is making sense. Let me know if you want to change it. Thanks Muhammad Ali Khalid

batch 1 edit

Hi Caterina, We tried to make the strategic areas section in ETSI more clearer. The problem is that the source has only this much info on the three points. As you can see here The ETSI business plan link on this page which may have more info on the topics is password protected so we could not access it. We hope the edited part is clear enough. Thank you Saassoln

Re:Quick Reminder

I have noted both the points, will be careful about them. Muhammad Ali Khalid

More Articles

Just wanted to inform you that I have completed some more articles, you can check them when you get time Muhammad Ali Khalid

errors in 3rd batch

I am back on the project and started working on the 4th batch.

I have started fixing errors in my previous batch as well. Hope to finish it by tomorrow.

Thanks - User:pulasthi