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Hey Daniel, I'm an editor for the site. It's good to see you jumping into your assignment. I'll be here for any of your questions, just use my Talk/Discussion page. I'm about to look at your first changes and see if I can't help you out at all...So, talk to you shortly! Andrew

How to

I'll explain some of the bigger points I can see that you have yet to learn, but it would be best for you to go over the fairly thorough How To sections. These are found under the community portal tab. Getting Started, How to Create a Good Person Article, and the Examples of Good people articles are all worth reading. It will also help if you look at the Edit pages for the example articles so you can learn the fairly basic coding styles used for references and internal and external links, and also things like headings and info boxes.

Okay so first, an Info box is necessary: you can copy and paste the code from the Template Page. this then needs to be filled out with all relevant info. Photos and a caricature are required- but I noticed the original page on the .org site did not have them. A search turns up a photo of Aaron Falk (for example) here you can take a screen shot of this (instructions for screen shots can be found by googling) and upload it to the site using the "Upload File" tab found under the toolbox on the left side. if there is no caricature to transfer from the old site use this file: CaricatureComing.jpg

Then you will need to cite your sources. Transferring the information from the old site is the right start, but we also want to try and find sources for what has been written (if there are none already). So rewriting the page and reformatting it to reflect the sources available will be necessary. Also, try to add to the information from the old site as it is by no means comprehensive.

I'll be sure to check back in, and please send me any questions Andrew


To all writers: Can you start marking the very top of each and every page you work on with UNDER CONSTRUCTION, when Caterina, Ray, or myself have edited and checked off on the page we will remove it. Thanks! Andrew

UPDATE: We've created an image that will make the "Under Construction" process easier: Please insert [[Image:UnderConstruction.png]] as the first text in every article you make. Thanks for putting up with the notes as we perfect this process. Be well, Stay in touch, Andrew


Hi Daniel, please make note of the change in process for keeping track of your batches. There is a note on the Articles needed page explaining what is different. Thanks. Caterina