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Thx! [[User:Ray|Ray]]
Thx! [[User:Ray|Ray]]
== MarkMonitor ==
I think the article still looks like it has lot of promotional material from the company's website.  Can you try to strip that stuff out and bring out the third party info and references, etc?  [[User:Ray|Ray]]

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Weird, I tried to move it from ENom to eNom, but apparently, it requires that the first letter be capitalized...

Style of article

Miranda, one of the objectives is for the new articles to look more like an article would on Wikipedia, vs. how it looked on ICANNWiki.org, so don't be afraid to change the format to match what company articles on Wikipedia are like Ray

Not sure if you'll see this. Are you changing stuff while I'm changing stuff? - M

Yes, that's the wonder of wiki :-) You can alert me by leaving a message on my talk page, give it a try. Ray


by adding the category "Companies" text on the bottom of the page (actually anywhere works, but bottom is the convention), the article you are working on will show up in the list of companies -- which you can now see from the Main Page Ray

PS: I re-edited your change, but don't take offense, this is how wiki is, we do things and show each other as we do them

That's fine. I just kept losing my work earlier and I thought I was going crazy. I use the preview option a lot and I thought I kept forgetting to save. : P

yipes, saving a lot is fine, don't worry about it. I never use preview ...

eNom Article


Can you make a stab at making the eNom article more "Neutral" in tone? This article may help: NPOV article on Wikipedia. You don't need to read it all... Check out the eNom article on Wikipedia too.


What would you like included in company articles? I looked at some big companies over at Wikipedia (ebay, yahoo, aol), and I see what you mean by "references", but are you going to want to keep the member photo galleries? It seems like they (Wikipedia) only include linked names and titles. Let me know what you think about that. Personally, I think it would look a little more professional just writing them out and it is hard finding pictures for everyone sometimes.

Since I pulled most of my information from the company websites themselves, I might have to go back through mine again and check the NPOV. Are there any other ones you want me to look through specifically? Does the eNom article sound ok, or do I need to push it a little farther?

I did try and play around with the info box when I was working on the MarkMonitor article, but I don't know if it works quite right here. I'll try again though. It's nice that I can look at Wikipedia's source, and pull code from that.

Sorry for the paragraphs! Hope you can help. : P

More thoughts

  • I don't think I deleted the people section in the MarkMonitor article? You can "step thru" the article history to see all of the edits (worthwhile to see how that works anyway).
  • would be great to add an "info box" to the company articles (as you'd see in WikiPedia articles). This takes some formatting, but I think you can follow what Wikipedia has done.
  • would also be great to have some "references" added
  • greater focus on NPOV would be great, we really want the articles to stand out as being NOT written by the companies themselves, but rather by neutral observers.
  • my current goal is to get a small set of articles looking great. Once we have that, it'll be easier to show others what we're looking for and get their help to create additional articles.

style thoughts

I edited Fabulous and MarkMonitor to have the company name in bold in the first line, and link to the their website in a section called external links. I think Fabulous could use an NPOV review as well. TedErnst 22:00, 22 September 2010 (UTC)


  • Talk feature - yes, it's a bit weird, but whenever you add to my talk page, I'll see it, just as when I add to yours, you get a message. Also, you can sign your notes with three tilde's, doing so will add a link to your user page
  • Templates - yes, just take a guess as to what kinds of things to add for companies and we'll edit from there. They don't all have to be the same, but the more consistency the better. Also, our templates may be a bit different since they're for the ICANN community, but best is to give it a shot and we'll edit as we go ... that's the beauty of wiki
  • Member Photo Galleries - yes, I think names and titles are fine, we can link them to the people articles as we create those. One of the key items for ICANNWiki is allowing people who attend the conference to quickly cross reference people, companies and also groups/constituencies. So we'll want to pay more attention to that than Wikipedia.
  • NPOV - The eNom article looks good, but could be pushed further. Again, the goal would be for the article to look as NPOV-ish as any company type article on Wikipedia. So using that tone and as well getting information from other sources and referencing it would be great.
  • Yes, the MarkMonitor info box is good, just needs a few more fields of information
  • Ted is a friend of mine and wiki expert, I've asked him to spend some time on the site, so please feel free to work with him too.

Thx! Ray



I think the article still looks like it has lot of promotional material from the company's website. Can you try to strip that stuff out and bring out the third party info and references, etc? Ray