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I am trying to add the refrences at the bottom in this article Alejandro Pisanty but it is not working can you please check what is wrong with it. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Change of articles needed

I understand that the letter R on Articles needed marks the completion of an article. I have changed the R's against my articles, because some of the articles, you marked with R are not complete. I have to do some editing and the facebook and linkedin changes in them. Muhammad Ali Khalid

When I saw those unedited articles right now, I noticed that you have already completed them. Thanks.

Completing articles

aye aye Captain...!! :-)

Getting, my feet wet, trying to get the hang of this. Should I be communicating here, in this manner? That melody page was just a weird one to get first. Cheers, Andrew Merriam

Help with this article =

Jeremy Hitchcock, I have uploaded the caricature for this file but I do not know why, it is not showing the picture. I have checked the file name and stuff. Please check it. Muhammad Ali Khalid



You have mentioned in the instructions that it is good to resize the picture, but you have not mentioned the ideal desired size. What size should the pictures be? Please mention the desired dimension of the pictures in pixels. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Thank you for informing me. Muhammad Ali Khalid


Check completed for the country category and caricatures Muhammad Ali Khalid

Checking Categories

Are you talking about the new batch or the previous batch? For the new batch, all have categories except Liz Williams, Monty Moose and Joan Francesc Gras. For the previous batch, I will add right now. Muhammad Ali Khalid

I have checked the categories for the last batch also. One thing, I noticed while editing them is that some of the articles have category is this format (Category:People|Name of the Person). Should all the articles have it in the same way? Let me know and I'll change them. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Yes, we should make them consistent, thanks Ray

What do you have in mind when you say "check categories" Andrew

Ray, I was waiting for you answer on my page, thought to check it here, found it. :) I will fix the categories.

Andrew, Are you asking it from Ray or from me? Muhammad Ali Khalid

I have changed all the categories to (Category:People|Name of the Person) format. Muhammad Ali Khalid


I guess it would make sense to respond on your talk page, eh, I'm planning on going back and adding all the logos in the next day I'll let you know if I have problems.

Batch 4

Yes, sorry, I think I somehow deleted them. Fixed it now :)

Blanking articles

Actually, sometimes I start writing an article but then realize that there are not many resources about them, or some of the resources about them conflict with each other. So, I remove the content from the page and take up some other article. Muhammad Ali Khalid

Alexander Phoenix

Haha, just playing around a bit between doing different pages. Love doing stuff on this site :)

Some Interesting Ideas (Alexander Phoenix)

Hi Ray. In trying to move articles from to, I've encountered several (to me) serious issues, and I've been thinking about how to resolve them effectively, and I have a few ideas. If you've already tried these things, as I dare say you have, my sincere apologies.

In a great many cases, as you know, articles on are completely non-existent except for a name, a picture and a caricature. Of course you intend to correct this situation, but of course it probably isn't cost effective for you to hire people to write all these articles. So what I was thinking is why not get people to write their articles themselves? Why not send each person featured on the site an email, telling them about Icannwiki (if they don't know about it, that is) and hinting to them (in a subtle manner) that it would be a matter of prestige and publicity (for them) to have a proper bio of themselves on the site. I think a great many people would respond with all the information you could possibly need - after all, just how much effort does it take to mail a resume - most people have such things handy.

Best of all, people's resumes are usually carefully categorized, making setting up the resulting articles on ICANNWiki relatively easy.

If copyright issues are a concern, you can include a little legal form for them to sign that gives you the right to put the material they supply you with on the site.

Now this is just a tentative idea. It seems to me that there's a considerable motive here for people to want to be featured on, and perhaps we could just use this to build up the site, instead of hiring mercenaries (albeit reasonably clever ones) like myself :)

Actually, I take a great interest in ICANNWiki, hence this suggestion. I don't at all mean to be interfering in any way. If, as I more than suspect, you've already tried this, then my apologies. I just thought I'd put it to you, there's no harm in discussing ideas.

Thanks for hearing me out. Take care and have a great day,

- Alex

Some Interesting Ideas, continued

Hi Ray, thanks for hearing me out, and for your interest. Actually, I didn't think that many people would edit their own pages at this stage of the site's development, but only that they might provide information about themselves more efficiently (and reliably) than it can be obtained from sources on the net, which information would have to be input into the site by ICANNwiki's own writers. The same applies to companies or any other entity that ICANNwiki chooses to cover. An alternate approach might be to give selected writers the power to contact people directly in ICANNwiki's name, asking for information, resumes, etc. They could be given a standard writeup or message format to use to standardize this approach. Anyway, just rough concepts. Now I'd better get back to work! :) - Alex


Is it possible to integrate the twitter information field into the company template? Andrew

Finished my 3rd batch

hi ray,

I have finished my 3rd batch. Please check it out. For few profiles i could not find any usable references. thank you

--Pulasthi 05:46, 21 February 2011 (PST)

auto category

Glad you like it- the only thing is it shows up first in the category list at the bottom - not sure if that is desired. Best, MarkDilley