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Hey Tehreem! My name is Andrew and I'm an editor for the site, my coworkers and I are here to help you along the way with the batch and then also to edit it once it is complete. Please feel free to use my "discussion" page to talk with me. Also, please keep track of your batch as you work on it on your user page, I see you've already started this - in case you're wondering what the goal is, it should look like this (the picture is not required, but a nice personal touch): here. Add every article you write after you finish writing it. Also, please mark your pages as "under construction" by doing this: place [[Image:UnderConstruction.png]] at the very beginning of every article you start. It will end up looking like this.

I'll keep sending tips and instructions your way, please feel free to holler back at me. I look forward to working with you, we love all the good help we can get. Andrew


  1. Okay, for some it is only possible to find very little information. Do your best and always represent what you find on the Internet, if there is little then the article will be short,if there is a lot, the article should be extensive.
  2. The automatic country category is a program on the site, we want that to happen. Make a separate category box right near it for "People".
  3. Can you give me more info on photos? specific photos to look at?

-Re Photo: hmm, not sure. Once you resized the photo you saved the resized version on your computer, but did you upload that new one to the site and then place the new one in his profile?

Also, sometimes when you create profiles with multiple sections a table of contents automatically appears (like in Jonathan's case), we remove this unless the article is VERY long, the way this is done is : __NOTOC__ those are two underscores (_) on each side.

I'm unsure about the photo, though I'll ask about it. City yes, phone number no.

Forwarding Links on

Tehreem, yes you're right about that. We'll try to get that cleaned up and a better process in place. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Ray


I've noticed that you usually italicize the name at the beginning of an article. Each article should start out with the person's name bolded, this take 3 apostrophes, not two. Looks good though Andrew

Hello from Lahore

Hi Tehreem.

I see you are from Lahore. You are the second Lahorite to be working on this city (first one being me). Its nice to see people around from my own hometown. So, how long have you been freelancing? From your work it appears that you have prior experience working with wiki interface. Do you like this site?Muhammad Ali Khalid

Mturk that service of Amazon? I also tried working there in the beginning but they don't send money so I quit from there and joined vworker. If you don't have no prior experience with wiki, then you are doing amazing. You are using all the discussion pages, and things wiki like you have been working with this type of interface for years. Are you enjoying working on this site? Any problems using the site? Muhammad Ali Khalid 04:45, 12 April 2011 (PDT)

I have the same issue, sometimes it very very very hard to find things. Some people do not even have a word about themselves on the internet. However, there is this one way, I do not know how you search, but this helps me. While searching put commas around the name like "Ali Khalid", then you can also search for phrases like "Ali Khalid" ICANN, or if Ali khalid has worked at NADRA, you can search "Ali Khalid" Nadra. First you can start with the name only, and the you can narrow down the results by using company names in the search. However, sometimes putting commas can create problem. For example, if I use my name Ali S. Khalid all over the net, then "Ali Khalid" won't turn up any good result, so make sure with what name the person is known on the internet and do check the spellings, sometimes you can be searching for incorrect names.Muhammad Ali Khalid

Your welcome

Style Guidelines

I've been updating the Style Guidelines to specifically address issues that our new writers face, please take a look at it and let me know of any suggestions you have. Also, I'd like to bring to all of our writers' attention the section on Forwarding Links. Tehreem, I've seen some of the forwarding links you've made; first of all, I'm glad your making them, but I hope in the future you can use stronger language and explain the situation more than just saying "New article can be found [(link) here]". Thanks for your attention to this:

"It is the writer's responsibility to wipe the old pages from icannwik.ORG and create links to the new icannwiki.COM. An example of this can be seen here. Explain in similar terms that the site is moving, that this particular article has been moved, and then point to it with a link. Something like: " is being moved to, this article has already been moved can can be found [(link) here]"."

Also, please take note of the rule below, it also addresses the procedure for wiping and linking from the old site that we will expect from everyone from now on. Thanks for you attention to this, we're trying to get a clearer system in place so please follow these new rules as you continue working. Thanks for your patience as we get this all systemized and explained! So,:

The wiped page should contain the disclaimer & link to the new site but it should also contain the category "" (with that exact spelling and capitalization). As you know, the formatting for this is: [[]]. This is the only category that the wiped pages need, it should no longer contain a "People" category. This will help us to track our progress of moving over the old site.


Every people article should have a category for the country and one noting that it is a people article. There is no other category required at this point, but every article should have those two. Andrew

Also, as I'm sure you've noticed, I've been checking up on how your doing with the articles. It looks good. I'm impressed with how quickly you became used to our style of formatting, our insistence on references, and your ability to write original material. I have been turning up more sources to use for your articles, take a look at these and try your best to include them in a meaningful way. You may have found these sources and not have known if they were important, that is one main reason to do this; the goal is that you will begin to recognize what is a useful reference. You are already good at this but I want to help your further. Thanks for all the hard work and be in touch! Andrew By the way, I'm finding these sources by searching google with the person's name in conjunction with their company name, and sometimes refining it further by entering their name with the word "internet" or "icann".

That's a great question about bullets vs. writing it out. It's nice to have a mixture of both, as it makes the article dynamic. I think it's important to have at least a few sentences in the intro explaining what they do now and other important information, usually the stuff most related to ICANN. Then if there is a bulleted section for past experience or kind of random stuff that doesn't fit well together that's fine. It's important to not rely too much on bullets and create VERY LONG lists, as those just get boring. That's why switching it up and using both full sentences and paragraphs and bullets works so well. If I find specific examples to draw your attention to I will. Andrew

Company Template Changes

Hi writers,We've updated the Company template. Please make note of the changes, and pay attention to the specific formatting. We'd like the appearance of the template to be as standardized as possible. Do not delete empty fields, as they will not show up anyway. I have gone through all of the old company articles and changed them to the new template.

Additionally, if you are writing an article about an organization (sometimes these are categorized as "glossary" or "company" to begin with), please use the company template when the organization has a logo. If it does not have a logo, you do not need to use the template.

Thanks, Caterina

Same articles

Yeah, that must been because of the small "m" and capital "M". The editors will just redirect one to the other. :-) Muhammad Ali Khalid

You are again writing my article carlos patino

This is getting problematic now.. How about if we select alphabets to work on..?? In this way we won't be writing same articles twice..Muhammad Ali Khalid

Mmmmm.... Okay.. I have gone throught a,b,c and d. You will not find much there. You take E and I will go with F. Then when you do E let me know which alphabet you are taking.

It already happened with Carlos Patiño. See the N? that cause the problem and there can be many such cases again because there are french, mexican and spanish names there with these types of alphabets. Then there can also be the problem that we are working on the same article at the same time i.e that we create the page at the same time... So should with the "E" alphabet for you and "F" for me?

Yeah sure.. Go ahead, you can take N and M and I won't step in your territory :-)..


no to the facebook page, but those other two pages seem to match up. Andrew


I've begun your editing, I will keep a running list of tips and help to better prepare you for your next batch:

  • Make sure you are always emphasizing any direct connections to ICANN. Your article for Hector Ariel Manoff tended to bury his ICANN related work in the middle of the rest of the content, it is important to highlight this by putting it as one of the first sections or mentioning it right away in the intro.
  • Put lists in some sort of order, usually chronological and usually starting from the most recent and working to the least recent events.
  • Start each article with the person's named bolded. Please do not bold their name after that
  • In the "country" field in the people template, only input the person's country - do not put "Brasilia, Brasil" (including the city) or "Belize, Central America" (including the region). Adding additional info messes up the categories.
  • This industry uses a lot of acronyms, as you have found out. Often these acronyms are so common that they need not be explained (like for ISOC, IEEE, INTA), and sometimes they are not commonly used - these are ones that usualyl pertain to very small organizations, like the Bangladesh Bar Associated or the FCCN of Portugal, in this case it is best not to use the acronym alone but to explain it. This will be hard to adjust to immediately as you may not know which acronyms are well known, but keep your eyes open and try to start remembering some of the acronyms you see a lot of so that the obscure ones stick out more.
  • Mailing lists are not important, unless they are used as proof that a person participates in a given organization. It is never necessary to say "Joh Doe is on the XYZ mailing list".


those are my initials to show that I've checked them, if another editor edits you will be seeing their initials as well. I will write out any issues that you should corret, so far I've fixed any issues myself and have been leaving you those tips above. I write "stub" next to the very short articles so we can track how many of them appear in each batch.Andrew

Batch 2

So your batch 1 is all done and looks great. Thanks for the hard work. I hope you plan on doing another batch. One big change for batch 2: We will not be counting "stub" articles as part of the 50, but you will be bonused separately for compiling the stubs. That is, as you put together a list of 50 you should not include any articles that are just 1-3 sentences long or have no references, you can collect these ones separately on your user page. If you want to know what a stub looks like I've collected the ones from your last batch on your user page. Let me know if you have any questions. Andrew

Batch 2

So, as you've noticed on VWorker, we have opened this batch for both companies and people. As company articles are more work, and since we don't know how many stubs are in this batch thus far I think the best thing is to finish the 34 articles you have on your page already and then we can see how many company articles are needed to finish it out. (We have been calculating a stub as half a regular person article, and a company article as twice a regular person article). Does that make sense? Andrew

I like that you compiled the people with no info that way. I deleted them but will leave the list there for a bit. Great. Andrew

Same Person?

No. Different people. I imagine that Lawrence Conroy is this person.. and it looks like for some reason his old info and photos were put on Heminio's page. I think Herminio may be this person. Try to do some more research but it looks like these people may be stub/no info articles.

It's some basic info. If you don't find more than contact info it is def. a stub.Andrew

Not necessarily

The names don't have to match..... but they probably will. Sometimes we don't use ".com" for online businesses on the new site, we want to use the name that most people know the company by. if that helps. Andrew

I'm having a hard time figuring out where you are at... Are there still people you are working on or are you ready for company articles? Andrew

old site: Yes, you must delete all the content from the corresponding pages on the old site, and then replace it with a redirect sentence, something like: This article has already been moved to our new site,, you can find it [(insert link) here]. Then you place a cateogry on that for ICANNwiki, as you've noticed. The articles on this site generally have two categories: the type of article they are, and the country that entity is associated with. The country article is automatically created when you fill out the country line in the template. Then you must either place a Category:People or Category:Company at the bottom of the page. Look at some of our other articles for examples. Andrew

Company Assignment

Hi Tehreem sorry the list of the companies in my user page were assigned to me by Andrew. It seems like there are some duplicates. Okay, since you are already doing an article with the company you mentioned I will skip that. Thanks and have a great day! Marie

Photo Uploader

Attn: The photo uploader is now working. Andrew

your call

I'll let you decide. If it seems like it could be an interesting article where you discuss why people do not like it and it is criticized, then go for it. If it will just be a stub article, then don't. Andrew

old site

please wipe any articles that have been moved already or those that would be stubs. Do you need me to provide you with more articles in order for you to finish your batch? Andrew


Please just return to the site when you are done with your schoolwork. I'm not going to assign those articles to someone else but let you do them once you get back. I'm confused as to your wiping process. Were you wiping articles that still need to be transferred? Andrew

It seems like you need about 11 articles left (11 people or 5 companies), so I won't have you mark the work as done. Instead I will extend the deadline. Also, I've just identified 3 people articles that are the last people to be moved from the old site... if I were to give them to you when do you think you could do them? Andrew

Nevermind about those 3 last people, I will do them. I will extend the deadline. Let me know when you have finished with the batch of 50. Thanks, and good luck with your schoolwork! Andrew


I am reworking the assigned batches to eliminate duplicates. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will keep you updated as I make any significant changes to your assignment. If you don't have enough articles I am in the process of completing your list.Andrew


How are things coming? If/When you need more articles please let me know. I look forward to seeing your batch complete. Thanks! Andrew

Batch 2

I have no problem counting this as a whole batch, but you should realize that the editing process takes a lot of back and forth - that is, I will make notes for you and you will need to fix certain things with the articles in order to satisfactorily complete the batch.. Will you be available over the next week to finish 100% by working with me through the editing process? Andrew

I have gone ahead with VWorker payment, thanks for your attention to detail. Please finish the few edits that you have yet to address. Thanks! Andrew


Yes, we are indeed very busy. Today is the second day of ICANN's conference in Singapore. We will be working hard here for a week and then we are all going on vacation. Thus, we will not be "back to work" until early July. I appreciate you thinking of us and reaching out to us, but it seems like we won't have any conclusive answer regarding further work for about 3 weeks. Thanks again, be well, hope all the exams went great. Andrew

How about now?

Are you available to do a batch? It would be a mixed bag of company/glossary articles. Andrew

I was about to start adding the batch to your User Page. As far as payment, the suggested amount on VWorker is in line with our previous batches, right? I think many of the company articles will be quite easy, but if you find they are especially long/difficult we can bonus you accordingly. Let me know, I'm sure we can find some mutually beneficial ground. Andrew


Thanks for being okay with me switching the batch to Ali, given that he expressed interest it made sense. The work is always better when someone is interested in it! Andrew

Again, we're totally trying to be fair re: payment. I would be excited if some of these turned in to high-quality, substantial articles, and would certainly pay accordingly.

Writer Update Re: Refs

Hola, I hope all is well. I would like to notify you that from this point forward we would like you to cite references slightly differently. The only thing we would like you to change is how you name the reference. Before, we would just name it after the URL so would be labelled as "". Now, we would like you to label the reference after the actual title of the article or page and not the URL. So that same reference would instead read "ICANN Singapore Meeting"... Does this make sense? Please continue to reference all material, but when naming the source within the <ref> brackets make sure to name the reference after its actual content as opposed to its URL location.

No need to fix old articles. But from now on please follow this rule. Please let me know if this is unclear. Andrew

Please include it. Andrew

Good Eye

Thanks for keeping an eye out for those things. As you know it can be hard for us to track everything on these big lists. I will add to your batch shortly. Andrew

Thanks for the tip on the favicon, dunno what happened.

Focus on what's important as far as services, what seems extraordinary or unique. No need to have a long list that nobody wants to read, but you should have the general make-up of the company's business profile. Same for the awards, pick some of those that seem the most unique or extraordinary, then summarize ("They have won awards for their services and workplace consistently for the past decade" or something) and then link to the full list. Make it as complete as necessary without putting too much spin on it, if you copy EVERYTHING they do then it may seem like it was an article created by them for marketing purposes. Andrew

Under Construction

Please remember to use the under construction image; ron jackson actually noticed a new page had been created about him and it would have been nice to have that disclaimer to begin with. Thanks! Andrew

Also, please do not use as a source. It is a satirical, joke site that does parodies of domain news. The news itself is fake. Thanks, Andrew

No problem... I didn't know about the site either! :-) Thanks for helping me find it! Andrew

For Future Reference

FYI- We are no longer being as specific regarding the distinction in ICANN's many parts.. that is, we are no longer using "constituencies" "organizations" "working groups" as categories pertaining to ICANN. Instead, if it is an embedded part of ICANN's structure we are marking it as "ICANN Body".. Thanks for switching to the new system whenever you come across an applicable page. Andrew

Good Eye, Again

Switched the ISS IIS thing. it seems the website for Teletok is here, note the About section - good info there. Good work! Andrew


I think you found the important one and that you should focus on their work, it seems they are the ones doing most of the work that you find via google. Andrew


I will find you a replacement for Sun. Don't do any more work on this page. Thanks! Andrew

ICANN Bodies

Hi Tehreem, we forgot to mention this earlier, but when you tag something as "ICANN Bodies," please go to the category page here and also add it to the top structure outline (in alphabetical order). Thanks! Caterina


If it is relevant information you can use it! Andrew


I replaced CIX and WWTLD on your user page, both my replacements have some links of info that should be included, though I still expect you to add more outside information to that. Those links are just starting points/recent news. Thanks for all your thorough work, I won't forget all the background work you're doing!


I actually just extended it before I got your message! I extended it until the end of the month because this is going to be a busy time for us. So, take your time. I am going to Senegal soon, ahead of the ICANN meeting (oct. 18th-23rd) for some vacation. So, Caterina may be editing some of your articles during this time, but she will also be busy with preparations for the meeting. Just a warning that the editing process may take longer than usual... Andrew

Re: Batch 3

Hi Tehreem, I'm still working through Marie's batch, which I am trying to get done before I leave tomorrow for the conference. If I have any time left I will try to get to some of yours, but it might not get done until Andrew gets back. Sorry about that! Caterina