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|facebook  = [http://www.facebook.com/hellomynameisvee Vivian Hua]
|facebook  = [http://www.facebook.com/hellomynameisvee Vivian Hua]
|linkedin  = [http://www.linkedin.com/in/redefine Vivian Hua]
|linkedin  = [http://www.linkedin.com/in/redefine Vivian Hua]
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[[Category: People]]
[[Category: People]]

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Country: USA
Email: vivian [at] icannwiki.com

LinkIcon.png   [REDEFINE magazine REDEFINE magazine]

Blog: [In All Things, Patterns In All Things, Patterns]
Facebook: Facebook.png   [Vivian Hua Vivian Hua]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Vivian Hua Vivian Hua]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @redefinemag
ICANNWiki-wgLogo.png Currently an
ICANNWiki Staff Member.

Vivian Hua is an Editor and Community Manager for ICANNWiki. She is also the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of REDEFINE magazine, as well as a freelance and print designer.[1][2]

Career History

ICANNWiki (2012+)

Hua joined the ICANNWiki team after an unexpected chain of events brought the opportunity into her life. Her interest in Law, travel, writing, and finding creative solutions made the position as Editor and Community Manager immediately appealing.

REDEFINE Media LLC (2004+)

In 2004, Hua founded the music and arts publication, REDEFINE magazine, in Seattle. REDEFINE magazine is a publication dedicated to "conscious thru arts journalism", which uses the arts as a jump-off point for building community, disseminating positive ideals, and exploring the ways in which the arts influence and are influenced by other walks of life.[1] REDEFINE Media LLC also serves as a freelance web and print design company.

University of Washington (2006+)

As a graphic and web designer for the University of Washington's Experimental Educational Unit, Hua crafted print media for youth-affiliated educational programs such as anti-smoking publications, nutrition programs, and media literacy-related projects.


Hua graduated from the University of Washington in 2005 with a B.A. in Sociology, with an emphasis on Law, Society, and Social Policy. She also attended the Art Institute of Seattle for a quarter before deciding it was a waste of money.

Fun Facts

Hua is currently finishing a memoir on love, synchronicity, and personal philosophies, entitled in all things, patterns. She is extremely interested in esoteric knowledge along the lines of mysticism, meditation, tarot, astrology, psychedelics, and divination, and the ways in which intuitive and probability-based concepts can merge with modern scientific methodologies.

Her last name, Hua, is written in Chinese as 華 (traditional) or 华 (simplified). It is the same Hua that is found in "Chinese nation" (中華民族 traditional; 中华民族 simplified).

She is bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English, and conversationally competent in Spanish.


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