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Country: UK
Email: info[at]vlad.tel

link=vlad.tel   [vlad.tel vlad.tel]

Facebook: link=Vladimir Shadrunov   [Vladimir Shadrunov Vladimir Shadrunov]
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Vladimir Shadrunov is a domain industry consultant specializing in offering different services for registries, registrars and domain name holders such as preparation for applications for new gTLDs, development is IDN implementation policies, establishment of registry representations within the committees and constituencies of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, domain portfolio management,domain acquisition support and many other consulting services. Shadrunov has been involved in domain name business for over thirteen years.[1]


She received a degree in Software Development for Automated Computers and Systems at St. Petersburg Marine Technical University in 1995.


Shadrunov started in the domain industry as Chief Software Developer for Feedback Technology Ltd., a domain re-seller company based in Saint Peterberg, Russia in 1999. In 2002, he left the company and assumed the position of Executive Director for DomReg Ltd., the first ICANN accredited registrar in Russia.From 2003-2008, he worked for Fides Ltd., a company that provides administrative, legal and technical solutions for domain name registrars located in Russia and other European countries and in the United States. In 2008, he joined Telnic, the registry operator and sponsor organization for .tel top level domain name (TLD) as Policy Registrar Liaison. He coordinated the policies, technical education for registrars and supervised the outsourcing of technical services needed for the launching of .tel domain name. In 2009, he was named Policy Director of the company.[2]

ICANN Involvement

As Policy Director of Telnic, Shadrunov represents the company in the different activities, meetings and policy development matters within the ICANN community. He is a member Generic Names Supporting Organization gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group.[3]