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WHIR logo.jpg
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 2000, Canada
Founder(s): Stephen Mathew
Headquarters: 87 River Street Toronto, Ontario M5A 3P4 Canada
Country: Canada
Employees: 1-10[1]
Website: thewhir.com
Blog: WHIR Web Hosting Blog
LinkedIn: WHIR
Key People
Liam Eagle, Editor in Chief

Candice Rodriguez, Director of Business Development & Marketing
Allison Heather, Director of Sales

WHIR or Web Host Industry Review is a global company, which provides service relating to analysis source and news for industries in the hosting market. The company provides various articles on the developments in the field for past ten years. The company also owns Web Host Industry Review magazine which for the past several years has been a source of information to those who were in constant touch with the hosting industry. Recently the company was acquired by iNET Interactive.[2]

The company has affiliation to Domain Round table and is one of the biggest sources of information on anything that has connection with the area of web hosting. It organises various events relating to networking. This year the events are mainly held in North America.[3] The company started organising such events in the year 2009 and has stuck to it ever since.

The company mainly functions to help clients to find the web hosting services from which they can purchase domains. It also offers facilities that will enable the clients to sell their existing domains to potential companies.[4]


The company was started in the year 2000 and the founder of this global industry is Stephen Mathew. Until the sell out, Stephen Mathew remained as the publisher of the company. The company provides services and reviews relating to popular web hosting sites. The Web Hosting Industry Review magazine is published every month and has been keeping the readers updated on the latest news in the field of webhosting for the past seven years. iNET interactive purchased the company on 27th May, 2011.[5] Right from the start, the business has been stationed at Toronto, Ontario, United States of America.[6]


The company offers a wide range of services of services relating to the internet market and domains. A few of the service offered by the company are:

  • Search web hosting
  • Sell web hosting
  • Web hosting news
  • VPS
  • Web hosting directory
  • Articles relating to web hosting
  • Advertisement programmes for web hosts.
  • Articles relating internet security, Google Apps, cloud computing, strategies to attract public attention et cetera.


The company has affiliations to various other companies in the online space. The prominent ones are:

  • iPage
  • Lease Web
  • Soft Layer
  • iWeb
  • Reseller club
  • Hosting controller
  • e-online data


The company has started an online TV service known as WHIR TV, the aim of which is to provide videos of interviews regarding Web hosting services. The TV interviews owners and high profiles of various companies related to internet business, especially web hosting. Recently, Michael Planter, the CEO of Layered technology was interviewed by WHIR TV along with Todd Abrams who is the president of COO.


The company has three new sponsors. They are Domain Registry Operator, DNS Service Provider Affilias, Hosting Service and Software Developer Parallels.


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