Walid Al-Saqaf

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Country: Sweden
Email: walid.al-saqaf [at] isoc.ye
Facebook: link=[1]   [[3] Walid Al-Saqaf]
LinkedIn: link=Walid Al-Saqaf   [Walid Al-Saqaf Walid Al-Saqaf]
Twitter: link=https://twitter.com/[2]   [https://twitter.com/wsaqaf @[4]]

Walid Al-Saqaf is a journalist, activist, scholar, software developer, and entrepreneur. He has been a Lecturer of Media and Comunication at Orebro University since May 2010 and is also the Chair of the Yemen Chapter of ISOC.[1]

As of ICANN 52 in Singapore, Al-Saqaf had attended three ICANN conferences, as well as IGF, SIF, and CDC. He is renowned as a TED Senior Fellow and Senior fellow, and he has curator TEDxSanaa 2012 and 2013.[2]


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