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Web.com logo.png
Type: Profit Corporation
Industry: Internet
Founded: 1997
Headquarters: 12808 Gran Bay Pkwy, West Jacksonville, FL 32258
Country: United States of America
Website: www.web.com
Key People
David L. Brown, Chairman, President, and CEO,

About Web.com

Web.com is a company that offers online services for small businesses. Over 15 million websites have been created with the help of Web.com or its services. It is one of the leading companies in this domain and it is listed on the American Stock Exchange with the acronym WWWW. The company offers a large variety of services such as : search engine optimization, web building tools, domain registration, design and publishing, online marketing and advertisement and e-commerce solutions. <ref>About Web.com</ref]

History of Web.com

Web.com didn't start off by this name. It first started out in 1997 as a company called Website Pros. 4 years later the company made their first acquisition and bought Net Objects in 2001 and a year later Innuity. The next acquisition would take place in 2005, when they bought Leads.com, the following year they bought two companies, Renovation Experts and 1stshoppingcart.com In 2007 was bought SubmitAWebds and Web.com. In 2008 Logo Yes/Design Logic and in 2009 Solid Cactus was bought. The latest acquisitions are from 2010 and 2011 when the company bought Register.com and Network Solutions.