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Type: Public Corporation
Industry: Internet
Founded: 1997
Headquarters: 12808 Gran Bay Pkwy, West Jacksonville, FL 32258
Country: USA
Website: www.web.com
Key People
David L. Brown, Chairman, President, and CEO

Ashley Henning, Dir. of Software Engineering

Web.com is a company that offers website services for small businesses. It is listed on the American Stock Exchange under the acronym WWWW. The company offers a wide variety of services, such as, search engine optimization, web building tools, domain registration, design and publishing, online marketing and advertisement and e-commerce solutions.[1] Web.com is owned by Newfold Digital, which operates a portfolio of hosting, web infrastructure, and domain registration services.[2]

Application for .Web gTLD

The company confirmed its application to become the registry operator of the .web generic top level domain name (gTLD) via ICANN's new gTLD expansion program. David Brown, Chairman and CEO of the company, stated that the proposed .web TLD will provide a good opportunity for businesses and consumers to register their desired domain names. He is also confident that his company has a great advantage in gaining ICANN's approval to operate the .web domain name space because it owns the Web.com trademark. According to Brown, "We believe we possess the natural platform from which to successfully market the new .WEB top level domain since we are the sole owner of the Web.com trademark as issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office." Furthermore he said, "With the resources of a nearly $500 million company and the inherent marketing advantage of the Web.com name, we believe we have the best opportunity to initiate and accelerate .WEB’s adoption as a universally understood and accepted top level domain."[3] Brown also conveyed that he is open to a cooperative arrangement between more than one applicant, and that Web.com would be satisfied regardless of who wins the application.[4]


Web.com began in 1997 under the name, Website Pros. In 2001, the company made their first acquisition and bought Net Objects, a year later they acquired Innuity. Subsequent acquisitions include: Leads.com (2005), Renovation Experts (2006), 1stshoppingcart.com (2006), SubmitAWebds (2007), Web.com (2008) Solid Cactus (2009). It acquired Register.com in 2010, and Network Solutions in 2011. [5]


The company owns a portfolio of patents and intellectual property on various technologies focused on the areas of web hosting, website design, graphic user interface, data center management and web server management. A complete list of its patents is available here