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| revenue        =  
| revenue        =  
| email          =  
| email          =  
| website        = [https://www.web4africa.net web4africa.net]
| website        = [https://web4africa.com web4africa.com]
| blog            = [https://www.web4africa.net/blogs Web4Africa Blog]
| blog            = [https://web4africa.com/blogs/ Web4Africa Blog]
| facebook        = [https://www.facebook.com/web4africa Web4Africa]
| facebook        = [https://www.facebook.com/web4africa Web4Africa]
| linkedin        = [https://www.linkedin.com/company/web4africa-limited Web4Africa]
| linkedin        = [https://www.linkedin.com/company/web4africa-limited Web4Africa]

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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Internet, Registrar, Web Host
Founded: 2002
Founder(s): Oluniyi Ajao
Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa
Country: South Africa
Products: Domain names, Web Hosting
Website: web4africa.com
Blog: Web4Africa Blog
Facebook: Web4Africa
LinkedIn: Web4Africa
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@web4africa
Key People
Oluniyi Ajao, Managing Director

Web4Africa is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar based in West Africa. Founded in 2002, Web4Africa offers web presence solutions to clients worldwide. The company is a full member of Nominet, and is accredited by NiRA, DotFM, and UniForum SA among other ccTLD registries.

Web4Africa is the leading web hosting company in West Africa. [1]


  • 2010 - Nairahost[2] was a leading web host in Nigeria before its acquisition by Web4Africa [3]
  • 2011 - Alireta [4] was one of the earliest a web hosts in Nigeria.
  • 2013 - Incorporated and accredited in 2004, 1-877namebid.com LLC was the first ICANN-accredited registrar in the State of Tennessee. Following its full acquisition by Web4Africa, the company was renamed Web4Africa Inc and the change was approved by ICANN. [5]


Web4Africa is a member of RrSG [6] and an Associate Member of AfTLD.