Werner Staub

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Organization: CORE
Affiliation: GNSO
Stakeholder Group(s): Private Sector - Domain Name Industry
Region: Europe
Country: Switzerland
Email: werner [at] corenic.org
ICANNLogo.png Has attended 30+
ICANN Meetings

Werner Staub is an Executive Committee Member of the CORE Internet Council of Registrars. He is also CORE's Coordinator of Permanent Secretariat.[1]

Werner was a panelist at The IGF Workshop on City-TLD Governance and Best Practices, which was held in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 17, 2010.[2] He has been a member of MINC.[3]


Mr. Staub holds a degree in Economics from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) at the University of Lausanne. He holds a postgraduate degree from HEC in Business Information Systems.[4]

Career History

Staub is one of the founders of Axone Services & Development.[5]

Werner started computing while working part-time during his student life. He was one the early users of the IBM PC. Before founding Axone, he worked at Credit Suisse, Capital Intelligence, and International Finance and Commodities Institute.[6]