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The Whois Data Reminder Policy or WDRP is an ICANN consensus policy that mandates that registrars send their registrants a yearly reminder in which registrants can "review the contact information associated with their domain names and make corrections when necessary."[1] Using false Whois information can result in the cancellation of a domain name.[2]

Major Points

  • This policy came into effect in 2003.
  • If the registration information in a registrant's WDRP Notice is accurate, no further action is required.[1]
  • Registrars can send the WDRP Notice using "web, fax, postal mail, e-mail, or other appropriate means. It can be presented in one or more languages, including at least the language of the registration agreement."[2]
  • Registrars are required to keep copies and records of all WDRP notices that are sent out.[2]
  • Additionally, WDRP Notices must contain the registrant's Whois information as it appears "in the registrar's database for each registration."[2]
  • Some feel that the WDRP is ineffective and may provide an opportunity for phishers trying to gain access to more personal information as registrants may be unsure if the message is coming from their registrar or a third party.[3]
  • Confusion can also arise for people who used a reseller to attain their domain name as they may not know who their registrar is.[1]

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