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| revenue        =  
| revenue        =  
| website        = http://www.whypark.com
| website        = http://www.whypark.com
| facebook        = [http://link Company Name]
| facebook        =  
| linkedin        = [http://link Company Name]
| linkedin        =  
| twitter        = whypark
| twitter        = whypark
| keypeople      = [[Craig Rowe]], Founder and CEO<br>
| keypeople      = [[Craig Rowe]], Founder and CEO<br>

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Type: Private
Industry: Internet, Domain Development
Founded: Willoughby, OH (2006)
Headquarters: WhyPark

c/o Parked.com, Ltd.
PO Box 10314
Regatta Office Park
Windward One, West Bay Road
Grand Cayman, KY1-1003

Country: Cayman Islands
Website: http://www.whypark.com
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@whypark
Key People
Craig Rowe, Founder and CEO

Stephen Douglas, VP Business Development
Rod Underhill , Advisor
Alan Macomber, Investor and Board Director

WhyPark's system provides daily content to clients' domain names, obtaining search engine visibility for domains instead of relying on type-in traffic only. [1].


  • 2006 WhyPark was founded by Craig Rowe, who previously ran BillingOrchard, an online electronic billing application for small to medium-sized enterprises in need of time-based, recurring billing.
  • 2009 WhyPark acquired by domain name parking provider Parked.com.[2]
  • 2010 WhyPark launches Domain Apps.[3]

Products and Services offered by WhyPark

  • A domain development platform which can create "distinctive, content-rich sites" instantly.
  • Domain Apps which add new functionality to the websites.


  • WhyPark won the "Best New Monetizing Solution" at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Miami.[5]


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