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* [[Christine Willett]], new General Manager of new gTLD team
* [[Christine Willett]], new General Manager of new gTLD team
* [[ICANN 45]], [http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/10/prweb10042196.htm 2nd largest meeting ever]
* [[ICANN 45]], [http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/10/prweb10042196.htm 2nd largest meeting ever]
[[Jennie-Marie Larsen]], [[Narayan Gangalaramsamy]], [[Bridge Song]], [[Leana Vitruk]], [[Matt McClure]], [[Stefanie Lynch]], [[Kelly Magee]], [[Alex Hosselet]], [[Lalit Chandra Mathur]], [[Naseem Javed]], [[Yahia Abdel Hakam]], [[Simons Chase]], [[Monique Chartrand]], [[Masa Dikanovic]], [[Shivanjni Anamika]], [[Stephen Spencer]], [[Rami Schwartz]], [[Alexander Schwertner]], [[Alice Jansen]], [[Ulrich Retzlaff]], [[Rowena Liang]], [[Sheila Bergeron]], [[Maria Kolesnikova]], [[RJ Glass]], [[Scott Austin]], [[Carlos Grego]], [[Carolina Aguerre]], [[Michael Feeley]], [[Plamena Petrova Popova]], [[Kazumi Mochizuki]], [[Andrew Barrett]], [[Katrina Sataki]], [[Cheikh Abdallahi Cheikh Baye]], [[Jennie Phillips]], [[Josh Metnick]], [[Christopher Gore]], [[Richard Peterson]], [[Fritz Diekmann]], [[Ann Yamashita]], [[Tom Daly]], [[Matthew Zook]], [[Samantha Dickinson]], [[Daniel Negari]], [[Louis Ferreira]], [[Monika Hans]]
===Random Edits===
===Random Edits===

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Recent News and Developments to be Added

Pages to be created/cleaned up + edited


Jennie-Marie Larsen, Narayan Gangalaramsamy, Bridge Song, Leana Vitruk, Matt McClure, Stefanie Lynch, Kelly Magee, Alex Hosselet, Lalit Chandra Mathur, Naseem Javed, Yahia Abdel Hakam, Simons Chase, Monique Chartrand, Masa Dikanovic, Shivanjni Anamika, Stephen Spencer, Rami Schwartz, Alexander Schwertner, Alice Jansen, Ulrich Retzlaff, Rowena Liang, Sheila Bergeron, Maria Kolesnikova, RJ Glass, Scott Austin, Carlos Grego, Carolina Aguerre, Michael Feeley, Plamena Petrova Popova, Kazumi Mochizuki, Andrew Barrett, Katrina Sataki, Cheikh Abdallahi Cheikh Baye, Jennie Phillips, Josh Metnick, Christopher Gore, Richard Peterson, Fritz Diekmann, Ann Yamashita, Tom Daly, Matthew Zook, Samantha Dickinson, Daniel Negari, Louis Ferreira, Monika Hans

Random Edits


Pages Needed

  • Work on most Wanted Pages
  • Create pages for ALL domain extensions (gTLDs and ccTLDs, categorize them as such) (vWorker Project?)
  • Create Pages for past ICANN conferences


  1. ENRED
  2. .sx , here, here
  3. Alantron - this
  4. .ga, this
  5. ICANN Academy, see here
  6. .cat - figures


  1. ASP - Application Service Provider / Active Server Pages
  2. CLS Central Listing Service
  3. Exclusive Registration System
  4. IMAP -Internet Mail Access Protocol
  5. POP3
  6. Reverse DNS
  7. SMTP -Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  8. mTLD --->figure out how to set up with re: to .mobi and DotMobi, this


  • Sponsor collapsibility in left-hand menu info here
  • URL Shortening: Yourls, Lifehacker article
  • Add LinkedIn to sidebar under Follow Us
  • possible useful extension to globally replace text [1]


Past Conference Coordination