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Recent News and Developments to be Added

Pages to be created/cleaned up + edited

Random Edits


Pages Needed

  • Work on most Wanted Pages
  • Create pages for ALL domain extensions (gTLDs and ccTLDs, categorize them as such) (vWorker Project?)
  • Create Pages for past ICANN conferences


  1. ENRED
  2. .sx , here, here
  3. Alantron - this
  4. .ga, this
  5. ICANN Academy, see here
  6. .cat - figures


  1. ASP - Application Service Provider / Active Server Pages
  2. CLS Central Listing Service
  3. Exclusive Registration System
  4. IMAP -Internet Mail Access Protocol
  5. POP3
  6. Reverse DNS
  7. SMTP -Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  8. mTLD --->figure out how to set up with re: to .mobi and DotMobi, this


  • Sponsor collapsibility in left-hand menu info here
  • URL Shortening: Yourls, Lifehacker article
  • Add LinkedIn to sidebar under Follow Us
  • possible useful extension to globally replace text [1]


Past Conference Coordination