Yubelkys Montalvo

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Organization: Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS)
Affiliation: ALAC
Stakeholder Group(s): Academia
Region: North America
Country: Puerto Rico
Email: Info@hets.org

LinkIcon.png   [Hets.org Hispanic Educational Technology Services]

Facebook: Facebook.png   [@hets.org Yubelkys Montalvo]
LinkedIn: link=Yubelkys Montalvo   [Yubelkys Montalvo Yubelkys Montalvo]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @@yubypr

Yubelkys Montalvo is the Executive Director of Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS Consortium), where she brings growth to the organization and expands its membership and proposes new educational technologies. She has held that position since April 2006. Some of her greatest achievements with the organization include coordinating its main conference, Best Practices Showcase, publishing articles in the peer-reviewed HETS Online Journal, conducting trainings in English and Spanish, and forming strategic alliances with constituencies.[1]

She has also been involved with ICANN through NARALO. ICANN 50 in London was her first ICANN conference.[2]


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