Yusuph Kileo

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Yusuph KileoPortrait.jpg
YusuphKileo sketch.jpg
Organization: AfICTA
Affiliation: SSAC
Region: Africa
Country: Tanzania
Email: Yajk2002@hotmail.com
Blog: http://ykileo.blogspot.com
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @YUSUPHKILEO

Yusuph Kileo is an expert in the field of Cybersecurity and digital forensics. He speaks on and chairs panels on information security, risk, and crime as well as provides opinion pieces for TV, radio, and print/online media.

Career History

Yusuph developed his IT skills while working with Brand East Africa in 2006. He then joined Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL), MIS department in 2008 where he developed an interest in the security field. In 2010, he joined Deloitte's IT department. He joined the Tanzanian government in 2012 as a cybersecurity and digital forensics investigations expert for the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in the Police Force's Cybercrime Unit, under the Forensics Bureau. There, he conducted several training sessions and provided insights on cybersecurity challenges in Tanzania. As an IT scientist, he focuses on troubleshooting, installation, investigation, and technical solutions. He has also worked as a presenter at Uhuru FM and a trainer at BTG US and Tanzania-based organizations for management.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

He has volunteered in private and public, local and international organizations in the area of cybersecurity. Yusuph has trained university students, scientists, managers, and directors and chaired information security, risk, and crime conferences. He has a blog on cyber security issues.

Yusuph is a board member of Africa ICT Alliance (AfICTA) and ICANN BC Representative (Finance committee & DNS Abuse WG).

ICANN 59 was Kileo's first ICANN conference.


After doing his IT essential course with Cisco certification, he studied at Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT). Then he was admitted in Computer Engineering Department, majoring in Computer Technician. He also studied computer science at Staffordshire University, ultimately achieving a Bachelor of Science in computer security, with his final year project titled “Intelligent access control system.” He was awarded an outstanding achievement award (U-EDGE) for his leadership and professionalism. Kileo earned a master's degree at Eastern Mediterranean University in information technology with concentrations in project management and risk management.