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'''Bill Graham''' is a Senior Fellow at Centre for International Governance Innovation ([[CIGI]]) and an independent consultant in the fields of domestic and international Internet policy and [[Internet Governance]].<ref>User Submitted</ref>
Mr. Graham served on the [[ICANN Board]]. He was elected by the [[GNSO]] in June 2011 at [[ICANN 41]] in Singapore and served until June 2014.<ref>[http://www.icann.org/en/groups/board Board, ICANN.org]</ref>
During part of his tenure with [[Industry Canada]], Bill Graham represented the Government of Canada on [[ICANN]]'s [[GAC|Governmental Advisory Committee]], as Industry Canada is the Canadian government’s department responsible for the technology economy. He served as the Vice-Chair of the GAC in 2007.<ref>[http://domainincite.com/graham-beats-doria-to-icann-board/ Graham Beats Doria to ICANN Board, DomainIncite.com]</ref> He also represented his government at other related fora, such as the [[WSIS]], [[IGF]], and [[ITU]].<ref>[http://www.linkedin.com/pub/bill-graham/21/76/a61 Bill Graham, LinkedIn.com]</ref>
Bill joined the [[ISOC|The Internet Society]]'s staff in December of 2007 where he led [[ISOC]]'s strategic global engagement activities. He was responsible for the Internet Society's efforts to develop strategic positions on key Internet issues and to engage the highest level of global policymakers on emerging issues.<ref>[http://www.isoc.org/isoc/general/staff/?id=13 Staff and Advisors - Bill Graham, Strategic Global Engagement]</ref>
Mr. Graham began a career working for the Canadian government in 1988 and held management positions in program evaluation, strategic planning, promotion of community networking and Internet use and adoption in Canada, as well as international business development, information, and communications technology sector.
Before joining ISOC he had worked at a number of positions with [[Industry Canada]], including: Director of International Telecommunications Policy, Senior Advisor of International Telecommunications Policy, Trade Strategy and Market Access Manager, and Coordinator of Community Networking. He has also been the Associate Director of Government Relations at [[Teleglobe Canada]].
As the Director of International Telecommunications Policy, he was responsible for coordinating Canadian participation in multilateral organizations, including the [[ITU|International Telecommunication Union]] (ITU), APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group, the [[CITEL|Inter-American Telecommunications Commission]] (CITEL), [[ICANN]]'s [[GAC|Governmental Advisory Council]] (serving as Vice-Chair in 2007), and for bilateral relations on telecommunications policy issues for Canada.  He was head of the Canadian delegation to the preparations for the [[WSIS|World Summit on the Information Society]] (2003 and 2005).  He has been a member of the [[IGF|Internet Governance Forum]] Multistakeholder Advisory Group since 2006.<ref>[http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/bill-graham/21/76/a61 LinkedIn]</ref>
He received his education from the University of Victoria.<ref>[http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/bill-graham/21/76/a61 LinkedIn]</ref>
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