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Logos pt.png
Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Rua Latino Coelho, nº13

5º - 1050-132 Lisboa

Country: Portugal
Website: www.pt.pt
Facebook: [1]

Since june 2013, Associação DNS.PT ( Renamed Ponto (dot) PT (.PT)) is the registry for the ccTLD .pt, the country code top level domain from Portugal. The previous Registry was FCCN (Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional).

The .PT is a private non-profit association and was founded by FCT, IP - Foundation for Science and Technology, IP (FCT), Digital Economy Association (ACEPI), Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO) and the representative designated by IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority as responsible for the delegation of the.pt ccTLD.

This multistakeholder governance and membership model enables a more efficient and flexible participation of the various actors interested which contribute to the growth and development of the top level domain of Portugal.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the missions of the .PT is to support initiatives that translate into the development of actions to promote and disseminate the internet at a national level, such as 3em1.pt and sitestar.pt.

With the 3em1 initiative it is assigned to those who create a company, association or branch on the hour, ENH, which is a government initiative, a package of free services, for a period of one year, which includes a domain registered under .pt, a website development tool and hosting and e-mail boxes. 3em1 extends to other initiatives outside the scope of the ENH, taking the form of a voucher to be assigned to individuals or entities to be defined.

Sitestar.pt is a contest that aims to challenge young Portuguese students to develop original websites with content in Portuguese and under the .PT domain. The contest was born from a partnership with DECO Jovem, meanwhile extended to partners that are members of the DNS.PT Advisory Board. Sitestar.pt is aimed at young people between 14 and 18 years, privileging the school context as a motivating element for the participation of students and teachers.

We also support other initiatives such as the Show of Unknown Authors contest, Apps for Good initiative, ITPro community events, Tuga IT event, Acredita Portugal entrepreneurship contests, Volta a Portugal event, Terry Fox - Portuguese League Against Cancer and Portugal Digital Week.


DNS.PT's mission is focused on the management, operation and maintenance of the registry of the top level domain .pt and, due to this, on the promotion of the internet in Portugal, on which rests the necessary institutional collaboration and innovation. This includes the collaboration with the .ao ccTLD, .gw ccTLD, .cv ccTLD and ENUM.

LusNIC – The association of registries who have the Portuguese as official language

An expression of common necessity and will has brought together the entities responsible for the management of the Portuguese-language registries that assembled to reach an agreement on LusNIC’s formal constitution as a private law association whose object focuses on multi-lateral institutional cooperation amongst the Portuguese-language registries within the scope of their areas of operations. This initiative came about on 23 September 2015 at a formal session organized within the scope of E-Show 2015. Members: .br; (Brazil); .cv (Cape Verde); .gw (Guinea-Bissau); .pt (Portugal); .st (São Tomé and Príncipe) and .ao de Angola. www.lusnic.org

CONFIO.PT: an accreditation stamp for websites

In order to promote good practices in e-commerce in particular, and in the use of the internet in general, to ensure the credibility of online stores and the security for consumers in online shopping, DNS.PT Association, ACEPI - Association for the Digital Economy and DECO - the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection signed on July 22 a protocol under which they developed the CONFIO.PT initiative which culminate in the launch of the new trust brand on the internet, the CONFIO.PT. The CONFIO trustmark is a digital logo that certifies that the website owner has been accredited as a result of an audit process.

CONFIO.PT is a unique initiative at national level which, in addition to the partnership between the three Portuguese associations, includes a partnership with the European association Ecommerce Europe, through which is also available the European Digital Trustmark - the Trust Ecommerce Europe - that will allow Portuguese companies to present themselves in the international e-commerce market on an equal footing with their international counterparts, and thus take advantage of the enormous opportunities of a fast-growing industry in Portugal, Europe and the rest of the world. www.confio.pt