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Industry: Business Consultancy,

IT Services

Employees: 750
Key People
Mustafa Nasereddin

Abu-Ghazaleh Projects (AGPRO), is the number one provider of market entry solutions for international companies trying to establish a business in the Middle East. The company is part of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, TAG-org, which has one of the largest network of Arab professional service firms in different fields; including accounting, technology transfer, investment, information technology and communication, project management and many other services.[1]

AGPRO has been providing professional services for over 32 years specializing in project management, technology transfer and commercialization of inventions. It has 750 professional employees in various disciplines. The company has 50 offices in the Middle East and in different countries worldwide.

Specialization and Services

Project Management

AGPRO created a Project Management Department to achieve its objectives for its clients. Every project in the department is handled by a professional project manager who supervises a project from commencement to its successful completion. The project manager closely coordinates with the client to make sure that everything is met from required resources including all legal documentation for the project.

Agpro's project management services include: project implementation and execution,project and business development, turn-key projects, project strategic business partners, investors and potential funding allocation and financial, technical and legal consultancies.[2]

Technology Transfer

AGPRO offers first-class and transparent mediation and consultancy services to its clients by continuously screening market trends. The company uses the "appropriate partner solution criteria" to ensure that the clients are fully protected when transferring technologies to foreign companies. In order to realize the success of every client's technology transfer, AGPRO conducts feasibility studies, strategic planning, market research and evaluation, prepares operation manuals, negotiates and drafts legal documents.

It also has access to a data base of thousands of technologies trading worldwide and offers a trading platform to local start-up companies to boost their businesses.[3]

Commercialization of Inventions

The company provides commercialization solutions to inventors using the "turn-key" process. The inventor receives a complete service starting with securing a patent for the invention, determining its technical and commercial value and royalty rates. The company also finds investors and serves as the inventor's advisor and negotiator to ink a contract.

Partnership with ICANN

AGPRO is one of the companies representing businesses from different countries in the Arab region and serves as a liaison with ICANN on issues concerning International Domain Names.