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Affiliation: AtLarge, I* Organization
Region: Africa
Country: Nigeria
Email: oba[at]


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Dr. Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo was the Vice-President, of the ISOC Chapter Advisory Council (2023), and a member of the Internet Society. He is currently the Vice-President for the Internet Society (ISOC), Nigeria Chapter (2023-2026), having served as Secretary-General (2020 - 2023), Public Relations Officer (2017-2020). He is also the Secretary of the Association for Information Communication Technology Local Content (ICTLOCA). He is the Founder | CEO of [DNS Africa Media and Communications], Founder/Team Lead for Community NetHUBs Africa, Culture Games Africa, and sits on the Board of Trustees for Africa ICT Foundation (AfICTF).

He is a pioneer member of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association NiRA. He served as a pioneer member of the Board of Trustees (2006 - 2013), was also elected to serve at the 5th Annual General Meeting to the Executive Board of NiRA (2013 - 2017), and was involved in the day-to-day coordination of events, policy, and training, as they are related to the multi-stakeholder association across his country.[1]

A Disruptive Communication Technologist, Poet, Management Consultant, Dancer, and Martial Art Practitioner, his online signature is Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone .


Graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. While in the University, he advocated for the introduction of Cyber cafes while serving as the Secretary-General of the Students Union, at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He pushed for the introduction of an ePortal as the Chairman/President of the Telecoms and Internet Subscribers (TAIS) Forum. He was a known activist with a unique approach to Project and Conflict Management.

He also led the advocacy for Mobile Monitoring of Elections, using Edo State as a pilot face during his Youth Service. Using My Nigeria Online (MyNOL), he wrote the first paper and the need for the eNYSC in 2007. He had also worked with the Nigerian .ng ccTLD for some years, considering that he is a Pioneer Member of the Board of Trustee till April 2013 when he voluntarily resigned to accommodate a constitutional clause and decided to work with the NiRA Executive Board of Directors (2013-2017).[2]


He is Communication Technologist, Disruptive Technology Expert, Graphics, Logo and Branding Expert, Social Media Consultant, and Web Design and Content Development. He is a seasoned journalist in the area of Education, Health, Agriculture, Reviews, Heritage, Tourism, and Technology. An addict researcher and documentation professional. He is a poet and a writer with works covering ICANN, IGF, WSIS, HIV/AIDS, and Climate Issues, to mention but a few, to his credit.


He has been involved with ICANN as a member of ISOC's Nigeria Chapter for over thirteen (13) years and ALAC for over eleven (11) years, as of April 2024. Having participated in many ICANN Meetings and organized many IGF Online Meetings for young people, he was part of the Nigerian Delegation to Singapore in 2011 advocating to host the World in Nigeria by 2013 and was in Argentina as well for Nigeria by 2015.

Akinbo Adebunmi was appointed as the Acting Secretary | Chief Operating Officer for the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) to manage the affairs of the Secretariat pending the appointment of a substantive Chief Operating Officer (July 23rd, 2013 to May 21st, 2014). He was saddled with the responsibility of improving Public Relations and Re-organization of Information and Upgrades in Service, Secretariat Management, and Business Development.

He was the pioneer Chief Operating Officer for DNS Africa Magazine, a new magazine that debuted at the ICANN 47 informing Africa all about the DNS Industry in the world with a focus on Africa, pro bono. He is the founder and pioneer of DNS Global Initiative Alliance (digital) the springboard of Domain Name System (DNS) Global Academy, created in 2014 to educate, expose and exchange information and opportunities for developing minds about the internet of everything. In 2021, rebranding his activities in the DNS Circle, he established DNS Africa Media and Communications to consolidate his involvement and advance the disruption for Africa. Collaborating and using Online tools, the concentration is focused on like-minds to empower the end user and the willing novice.

He started ISOC NG-States Drive in Nigeria to advocate for the rebirth of the ISOC Nigeria Chapter and State Branches. In 2016, ISOC recognized the need to rejuvenate the Nigeria Chapter. He manages TRIACE Tech, a product of KOBOKINGs Limited. He is the lead-Manager of Local Creed, a local content initiative that contributed to the development and re-introduction of the DNS Africa Awards, created to grow, develop and sustain Africa's global participation with equal opportunity across the region, promote an African Agenda and encourage Local Content GDS.

Professional Affiliations

He is a Senior Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management (CIPDM). He is also an Associate Member of the Computer Professional Registration Council Of Nigeria (CPN). He is a Fellow/Icon of the Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON).

Other Work

He is a member of various Boards; Yomm Kinboss Limited, TRIACE CONtractors, CALEBs Media, AsoADURA Media Network (AMEN), etc.

He created the first White Garment Radio (SERAF Radio - now AsoADURA Radio) and relaunched an online platform for audiovisual (AsoADURAtv). These are products and services under AsoADURA and SERAF Franchise, which are subsidiaries of Called and Led Evangelical Brothers and Sisters (CALEBs). He coined the abbreviation for Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (CSMC) and advocated for global use.

His other roles and projects include: Founder of Webmasters Guild Nigeria; Innovative Member of the Management of Successgate Foundation (Former Project Director); Founder of Webmasters Guild Africa; CEO of Change Channel Communications; Former Executive Director of Research, Relations, and Technology at Yomm Kinboss Limited; Innovator of My Nigeria Online (MyNOL), Project Director at Saving Lives Nigeria, President of the Young Internet Professionals (YiPS), member of Nigerian Professionals (NiPRO), to mention a few.[3]

He currently runs KOBOKINGs Limited, an innovation and local content development channel and platform. KOBOKINGs also runs a consultancy platform for developing organizations, research and developmental tools, social media and management consulting, collaboration, and partnerships. KOBOKINGs is also an innovation channel for achieving Sustainable Development Goals to promote Poverty Reduction Strategic Papers (PRSP). KOBOKINGs Limited is an African Concept Driven company that has created many intervention products and services for the average African. They are MyNOL Academy, Amuluyo, SmartAct, Sociogurus, TheAwardsCrew, MysteryShopCrew, Change Channel Communications, Community NetHUBS Africa, Culture Games Africa, etc.

Akinbo is an Internet Society Fellow and contributed immensely to the Internet Governance Forum in his country as a pioneer member. He suggested, founded and led the First Meeting for the Nigeria Youth Internet Governance Forum (NYIGF) in 2014 and was instrumental in the resuscitation of the Dynamic Group, Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (YCIG) at IGF. He Is fortunate to have designed and proposed the current Brand Image of the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (YCIG) Logo. He is a recipient of many awards; worthy of mention is the NiRA Presidential Award for Youth Development.

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone runs Two Online Radio Stations, a product of the Community NetHUBs cum SuccessBridge Partnership to empower citizens in rural areas. He hopes to study Management and Technology Innovations at Harvard University. In 2021, DNS Africa in collaboration with Stakeholders and in partnership with ICANN started the Nigeria DNS Forum and initiated the Nigeria DNS Academy. It intends to support all African countries in designing a road map to make Africa turn green.

Recently, he founded the Paul Muchene Engagement Series in Africa ([[1]] PAMESA)

He is married with Five Children and adopted children.

Fun Facts

He loves taking pictures, traveling, and creating solutions to connect the unconnected. He believes that poverty can be eradicated with Knowledge Transfer and Mentorship. To him, "Consistency confirms credibility -akinbo 2002". In 2013, he finally became an ICANN Fellow, and [4].


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