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Affiliation: Consultancy
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Email: carltonsoogrim [at]

Carlton Soogrim (Republic of Trinidad & Tobago) is a Academic Consultant by profession, with over fifteen years of experience working for three major international banks in mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers, spanning both the public and private sector.[1][2]

He is also involved with the South School of Internet Governance, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, and WIPO.[2]

His research interests lies in Information and Internet economics, particularly in the role of "information revolution" and its impact on transaction costs, industrial composition, financial markets, international trade and exchange, and product and process innovation. He is an avid supporter of Universal Tertiary education for all, especially using the internet for online delivery of courses and programs in the developing and underdeveloped world.

ICANN 51 in Los Angeles was Soogrim's first ICANN Meeting, where he was also an ICANN Fellow.[2]

Amongst his proudest life achievements, he lists "being involved when President Obama visited Trinidad for the fifth Summit of the Americas in April 2009 [as a] member of the organizing committee", as well as the 21st Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting held also in November 2009. He loves to travel, go to the beach and movies, and LOVES a comedy festival. "People need to laugh and smile at least SEVEN times a day; it keeps the doctor away," he explains, and is self-described as "a very dynamic person" who likes to "meet people who are not only theory-based but think outside the box."[2]



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