American Automobile Association

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American Automobile Association logo.png
Type: Privately Held
Industry: Auto
Founded: Chicago, 1902
Founder(s): Automobile Club of America

Automobile Club of New Jersey
Chicago Automobile Club
Automobile Club of Utica
Grand Rapids Automobile Club
Princeton University Automobile Club
Long Island Automobile Club
Rhode Island Automobile Club
Philadelphia Automobile Club

Ownership: Colonial Realty Partnership
Headquarters: 1000 AAA Drive, Heathrow, Florida 32746
Country: USA
Businesses: Regional AAA offices, various apartments
Products: Maps, Travel guides, Car batteries
Website: (regional redirect)
Facebook: AAA
LinkedIn: AAA
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@AAACares
Key People
Marshall L. Doney, President and CEO

Bill Wood, Vice President and Executive Editor
Ramon Millon, Vice President and CTO

The American Automobile Association, Inc. (AAA) was founded in 1902 by association of numerous American automobile clubs due to a lack of roads suitable for cars to drive on. Later, AAA began publishing road maps, hotel guides, and formed safety patrols. AAA has over 58 million members, 1,100 offices in the United States and Canada, and a number of websites for each region of service. As of 2015, AAA manages the .aaa gTLD.


The American Automobile Association (the "AAA" or "Triple-A") was founded on March 4, 1902, in Chicago, Illinois, when in response to a lack of roads and highways suitable for automobiles,[1] nine motor clubs with a total of 1,500 members banded together to form the Triple-A. From 1905 to 1920, AAA produced various auto guides for the public, including maps and hotel guides.

AAA clubs have also provided their advocacy and lobbying to issues regarding traffic safety and road maintenance. Of these efforts are the support of addition and opposition of removal of numerous traffic enforcement cameras, and support for an increase of federal gas tax in order to fund road maintenance. They have also commonly advocated for restrictive speed limits to preserve motorist safety. It is also common for AAA to endorse environmental protection efforts.

In 1997, AAA launched their first website, the national[2] Through this website, AAA members can get localized information from the club serving them by entering their zip code. In 1999, AAA launched their AAA NewsRoom, " designed for media use, contains news releases, fact sheets and other information about AAA."[2] In 2007, AAA helps to launch and promote the "Slow Down, Move Over" initiative.[2] is launched in 2009 by AAA for criminal justice professionals. also launched in 2009 as an internet resource designed for seniors and the families of older drivers.[2] AAA's teen safe driving program Keys2Drive is launched in 2010 at[2]

Products and Services

AAA provides its members with a variety of travel, information, car care, lodging, and roadside assistance services. The primary service provided is roadside assistance, though AAA also provides road maps, hotel ratings, vehicle repairs, battery replacements, lockout service, and more.