Canadian Association of Internet Providers

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Industry: Internet
Founded: Canada, 1996
Headquarters: 207 Bank Street, Suite 416,
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2N2
Key People
Tom Copeland, Chair
Emily Boucher, Manager

CAIP is the Canadian Association of Internet Providers, formed in 1996 with the goal to develop and expand the Internet and online service industry in Canada. It focuses on bringing the Canadian and international issues of mutual interest together and resolving them with international assistance. It also aims at creating a safer Internet, free from any abusive or illegal content that may affect human dignity and the citizens of Canada.


  • To provide assistance in enforcing public policy and regulatory issues such as access to Internet, privacy, e-commerce usage, and security and copyright issues. It supports ideas and policies that focus on the development and growth of the Internet industry in Canada.
  • To promote the Internet and its use, which it does by planning events that will create awareness among Canadians about the Internet and related services. Their main focus is to educate the masses on various issues regarding the Internet and CAIP and encourage the usage of the Internet throughout the nation.
  • To share Internet-related information among members and users through regular communication.
  • To implement and create policies that are beneficial not just for providers but also for Internet service users.

CAIP collaborates with CATAAlliance (Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance), the largest high-tech association in Canada, and helps grow the revenues of its members by collaborating with Canada's innovators, professionals, commercializers and users. [1] [2]

The Code of Conduct

  • CAIP vows to cooperate with all the government officials, law enforcement authorities and global organizations who seek to clarify responsibilities for each of the functions performed by Internet companies.
  • CAIP members vow to follow all the applicable laws. This code is implemented to assist each of the members with the development and implementation of internal policies and practices complying with the existing legal standards.
  • CAIP members are responsible for educating the public about the uses and misuses of the Internet, as well as various developments in Internet technology.
  • CAIP members must keep the personal information of their users private, only to be disclosed on demand by law enforcement officials.
  • CAIP members may not host any illegal or abusive content on the Internet. They must report any such content hosted by both CAIP members and non-members, in order to help in taking action against such criminal activities.
  • Though it is not possible to keep a vigil on all web content, CAIP will take initiative for legal action against any web services who host illegal or abusive content that has been reported to them.
  • Before taking any action against the provider of abusive content, CAIP will comply the following procedures:
  1. Perform a review that will precisely provide information on the location and the nature of the abusive content.
  2. Use the consultancy of legal authorities regarding the abusive content.
  3. Provide a notification to the abusive content provider and give him a seven days time to reply, and then further initiate the proceedings of the legal actions.[3]


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