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Type: Government
Industry: Internet
Founded: UK
Headquarters: JSU Corsham, Copenacre Site
Park Lane
SN13 9NR
Country: UK
Email: pki [at] dinsa.mod.uk
Website: mod.uk/pki
Key People
Lieutenant Colonel Keith Bell, Head of DINSA

DINSA (Defence Interoperable Network Services Authority) is the U.K.'s authority for domain naming and IP Address allocation. All IP address ranges used within networks and systems are allocated by DINSA.[1]

The naming and addressing principles and rules to be used throughout MOD,UK infrastructure are defined in the JSP 457 - The Defence Manual Of Interoperable Network and Enabling Services.

Defence Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI) of the UK comes under DINSA and is managed by DPMA( DPKI Policy Management Authority).[2] DPMA is assisted by DPKI Techinal Advisory Group, Certificate Management Authority and Certification Authority.

The Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) solution of the MoD, UK is licensed by Entrust Inc.[3]