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Founded: 2011
Website: GCCS
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The Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS) is a global, yearly conference concerned with issues of behavior and cooperation in cyberspace. Constituents from various backgrounds organize to further enhance capacity building. The GSSC has met yearly since 2011, and it will take place this year in The Hague (Netherlands) April 16-17.

Key Objectives

  • Support practical cooperation in cyberspace.
  • Promote capacity building and knowledge exchange.
  • Discuss norms of acceptable online behavior.[1]

Topics covered during GCCS


  • 'Cyber Warfare and jus en bello'
  • International Peace and Security in Cyberspace
  • The Ethics of Algorithms - From Offensive Content to Self-Driving Cars
  • CSIRT Maturity
  • Cybercrime, jurisdiction and hosting [2]


  • Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (2015)
  • Bertrand de la Chapelle, Director, Internet & Jurisdiction (2015) [3]

Completed and Announced Conferences so far