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Global Domains and Strategy Programs

In FY20, GDS closed 3,188 cases and completed 708 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) Renewals, 29 RAA terminations, and 19 Registrar accreditations.[1] GDS also assigned 49 gTLDs, made changes to 36 gTLD material subcontracting arrangements, and processed 631 Registry Service Evaluation Policy (RSEP) requests.

GDS Technical Services

Bulk Registration Data Access (BRDA)

  • The BRDA system enables ICANN org’s compliance with the European Union’s GDPR related to BRDA deposits from gTLD registries and validates deposits to ensure compliance with other ICANN contractual requirements.

Service level agreement monitoring

  • increases ICANN org’s Contractual Compliance monitoring capabilities
  • offers a big-data solution for information captured by the SLA Monitoring system enabling ICANN org to identify and analyze long-term gTLD trends


  • supports RDAP-based registration data lookup tool, performing RDAP query, which if not available, reverts to a WHOIS query

Emergency Backend Registry Operators

  • now includes the CNNIC), CIRA, and Nominet as EBERO providers following an open Request for Proposal process

Technical Compliance Monitoring System

  • enables ICANN org to help registries and registrars ensure compliance with consensus policies and contracts with ICANN


  • The Monitoring System Application Programming Interface (MoSAPI) provides a new data set for gTLD registries: the complete list of RDAP-based URLs from ICANN-accredited registrars

GDS Team

  • GDS Services Senior Manager
  • SVP, Global Domains and Strategy, Co-Deputy to the President and CEO