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Dates: 2 November - 9 November 2019
Location: Montréal, Canada

ICANN 66 was an annual general meeting, held in November in Montréal, Canada, in November 2019. ICANN 66 had 1,894 attendees (956 from North America, 543 attending for the first time). There were 328 sessions and an average of 49 people attending each.[1]

After ICANN 17, ICANN 24 and ICANN 45, ICANN 66 was the fourth ICANN meeting in Canada and the second time in Montréal.[2]


ICANN66 featured the third At-Large Summit. ICANN mourned the loss of internet pioneer Tarek Kamel.



The Number Resource Organization (NRO), and the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) signed a revised ASO Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN. The revised MoU incorporates recommendations from the 2017 organizational review of the ASO.


The ccNSO

  • appointed Barbara Povše (.si) as Chair of the ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee.
  • entered Next phase of the PDP of the selection of IDN ccTLD strings and amendment of Article 10 of the ICANN Bylaws to include IDN ccTLDs in the ccNSO.
  • Approved the IANA Naming Function Service Level Agreement change.
  • published IDN/Label Generation Ruleset Tables.
  • Supported the requested Fundamental Bylaw change for Section 18.7 of the ICANN Bylaws.
  • decided to begin a review and harmonization of the charters and terms of reference of all ccNSO working groups and committees.
  • The ccNSO Triage Committee led a project and work plan to guide ccNSO prioritization efforts.


The GNSO held 70 sessions.

  • The EPDP Team discussed accreditation, acceptable use policy, auditing, and logging and discussed a hypothetical Unified Access Model (UAM) with a rep from ICANN Organization, to act as a centralized gateway for the distribution of nonpublic gTLD registration data.
  • The New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP Working Group discussed geographic names at the top level and refined a framework for improving predictability in the execution of the New gTLD Program.
  • A working group considered how to include individual proposals about the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) Rights Protection Mechanism in the draft Initial Report.
  • Cross-Community Working Group on New gTLD Auction Proceeds discussed the mechanisms recommended for the allocation of auction proceed funds.
  • the Drafting Team delivered to the GNSO Council the proposed guidelines and motion templates to help the GNSO fulfill its roles as a Decisional Participant in the Empowered Community.
  • GNSO received PDP 3.0 Implementation documents and focused on the job duties of GNSO Council liaisons to PDP working groups and the regular review of working group leadership.

The GNSO Council passed the following resolutions:

  1. Approval and adoption of the guidelines and motion templates for the GNSO as a Decision Participant in the

Empowered Community (EC).

  1. Reconfirmation of Julf Helsingius as GNSO Council Liaison to the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC).
  2. Approval of the amended IANA Naming Function Service Level Agreement (SLA) regarding IDN tables and Label Generation Rulesets in the IDN Practices Repository.
  3. Approval of Tomslin Samme-Nlar to serve as the GNSO Co-Chair for the IANA Naming Function Review.


The ALAC policy advice development that happened during ICANN66 included Advice to the ICANN Board on DNS Abuse, New gTLD Subsequent Procedures and Work Track 5, EPDP Phase 2, cybersecurity, and Universal Acceptance.


Participants representing 68 GAC members and nine observer organizations attended GAC sessions. The GAC issued the ICANN 66 Communiqué, providing the ICANN Board with consensus advice on the Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review; subsequent rounds of new gTLDs; and domain name Registration Directory Service and data protection.


RSSAC updated “RSSAC002: RSSAC Advisory on Measurements of the Root Server System,” “RSSAC023: History of the Root Server System,” and “RSSAC026: RSSAC Lexicon.”

Empowered Community

The Empowered Community (EC) Administration held an Approval Action Community Forum. The forum provided an opportunity for the ICANN Board and community to discuss a proposed amendment to one of the Fundamental Bylaws, concerning the composition of the community-based team tasked with performing a review of the IANA Naming Function.